lung function test

I have been told that I need two appointment s for my next test 30 minutes apart. I am wondering if it means doing some kind of strenuous exercise. Having had a bad spell with severe back pain for the last month I am a little concerned that it may get worse. It was taking me up to two hours to get my muscles working to enable me to get out of bed in agony, don't want to go back to that. Sure many of you will know. Keep well. Joyce

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  • This sounds like the before and after spirometry test. I had one when diagnosed with COPD. You take the first test without using your inhalers. You then take them and wait 30 minutes for the second test. You should been have told this before you have your test though. Otherwise I don't know. Why don't you ring up the surgery to find out for sure? x

  • Thank you, will do x

  • Hi Evelene71

    I have had something similar to this and it was just like coughalot says, and if you are in doubt ask them?

    Take care


  • Cheers ken , will do.

  • If you were having to do a 'walk test' then they should have told you as you can't have a heavy meal etc and need to wear appropriate clothing etc. Sounds to me like tis the spirometry with and without the inhalers/medication. if in doubt though give them a ring.

  • That does sound likely. The letter told me to take my inhalers with me . Thank you. Joyce

  • I had the same spiro without inhalers and then 6 blasts of salbutamol, go back to the waiting room and do the whole thing again. That confirmed I had RLD and an appointment with a lung specialist plus more in depth tests.

    Be Well

  • Thank you I knew I would learn something on here. Hope your results came back satisfactory. Joyce

  • Well Evelene71, have to agree with all the suggestions given. I went through the same process more than once, the first time I was given combivent for the second 30 minutes. The next time it was salbutamol as combivent has been removed as a British inhaler medication. But I was told what was going to happen and that the appointment would take more than an hour. Hope yours goes well.

  • Thank you. i was diagnosed with copd in Jan 2011 by a consultant. Unfortunately the consultants diagnosis report was not put on the computer only the list of meds required which meant I was slipplng through the net. This was corrected by a nurse when I requested a check up last April. I have just received a letter saying they are reviewing patients with my condition and have had delivered my first batch of emergency meds. Having said that I have never failed to get an appointment and meds when required. keep well. Joyce

  • Just a quick note I have my breathing tests annually now at my gps they have the machines to do it rather than a long haul to the nearest hospital.

  • The test I took were like being seated in a phone booth then seated at another machine. I was then administered a particular inhaler had to wait then the tests were repeated. A blood gases was also done, a needle in the wrist into the artery. That I'm not fond of but a good technician does it quickly.

  • Thank you I have learned a lot of useful info4mation. Joyce

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