I have joined this forum because my Husband has lung disease he was diagnosed some years ago with Pleural Plaques due to asbestos exposure

My husband saw a top Chest Consultant who confirmed the asbestos related disease and stated that this does not have coughing and copious sputum as part of the symptoms.

His chest complaint has worsened over the years and our GP says he has crackles in his lungs and now says it is Bronchiectasis. We have recently seen a local chest consultant who says bronchiectasis starts in childhood and the coughing sputum is probably due to pleural plaques and has ordered a CT scan. We feel rather confused. He has had 4 lots of antibiotics this year and GP suggests long term use will probably be the answer.

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  • First of all welcome to the site, it is a great place to find answers to questions you may have. My husband, for whom I am carer, has sarcoidosis, copd and now a prolapsed disc. He used to have lots of infections and does now use antibiotics long term. It will be good to have the CT scan and you and your hubby may well then get some answers and the right medication too. Do get in touch with BLF, click on the red balloon top right, and speak to someone on there who can give you more answers maybe. Good luck to you and your husband. Stay in touch. xxxxxxx

  • Thank you Sassy a lot of our problems come with 'The Pension Book' at 74 and 78 we have done quite well really but hoping for some good treatment for my husband. I Will keep you and your hubby in thought.

  • I have pleral plaques, emphysema and bronchiectasis. I was told the plaques have killed off small parts of my lung tissues but they are harmless now and cause no symptoms. Bronchiectasis however causes me to have vast quantities of mucus, which I have a tablet called mucodyne which helps thin it and make it easier to get up. I have been on daily long term antibiotics for nearly 3 years.

  • Thank you for your information it. sounds very like my husband. Will keep in touch.We shall know more after the CT scan.

  • In the UK we are often given a prophylactic dose of Azithromycin three days a week only to help keep infections at bay. Many find this brilliant

  • We are so grateful to all you good people who reply sometimes all that is needed is the reassurance of similar situations being faced. Thank you for your advice. God bless you.

  • Hi Sabi-barb

    Welcome to the forum and I am new on here as well. I am so sorry to read that your husband has lung disease and I just wanted to wish you both all the best.

    Take care


  • Good Morning Sabi-barb - I can imagine you must be confused. It might be worth a call to the BLF helpline - the nurses might be able to clarify it for you. (click on the red balloon for the number). Welcome to the site, lots of love TAD xx

  • I wish you both well. I worked with asbestos for over 10 years even though I have RLD and a few other problems the asbestos seems to be in the background. It is very much a trial and error stage at the start for most people as we all react to treatment in different ways.

    Be Well

  • Hi Sabi Welcome to the best site on the internet for info

    I have asbestosis and emphysema and don't necessarily have coughing fits and cough up mucus all the time it is very subjective to so many different thing. My symptoms can change with the seasons but breathlessness under any exertion is a common and frustrating symptom, also I never seem to have a day without some form of discomfort which can become quite painful at times, generally at the bottom of the rib cage or between the shoulder blades.

    The fact that your hubby has pleura plaques is an indicator that he has had exposure to asbestos,but normally doesn't cause any serious health issues the CT scan will indicate whether or not he has fibres in his lungs (which I have), and having crackling of the lungs generally indicate there is fibres in the lungs, but trying to prove they are asbestos fibres is an up hill struggle as the government moved the goal post for asbestos related compensations. I am on 3 different inhalers a day which seem to ease some of my breathing issues, and I just take ibuprofen when the discomfort levels increase.

    Hope this answers some of your questions !!


  • Well my husband has now progressed. He saw a consultant who ordered spirometry tests blood tests and a CT scan. Results showed he has advanced Bronchiectasis. So it is a visit to Physio at our centre called Breathing Space and lessons in breathing and more antibiotics.

  • Hi Plumbob

    your information is extremely helpful and informative .My husband is presently not taking antibiotics but the continued coughing up sputum makes him very tired however like yourself and the many other people with this he keeps going .My favourite quotation is 'Experience comes just after you need it' How did I miss this marvellous site Thank you BLF.


  • Sabi-barb If your worried about asbestos - I found out I have high levels of Ferritin in my blood and with a bit of investigation by us (me and the wife) due to some symptoms we have we found out (which suprised some medical personal as well as educated them) that there is a link with asbestos fibres and ferritin as the fibres create a chemical reaction in the body which produces excessive amounts of ferritin , which can be dangerous so next time bloods are taken aske them to check the ferritin levels which isn't a routine thing they do !!!

  • Thank you my friend we will ask for these tests. My husband has been diagnosed with Bronchiectasis and we have an excellent chest clinic called Breathing Space and he has an appointment there in 3 weeks so things are moving.

  • I joined a while back as my hubby has Pleural Plaques too.

    I am disgusted by medical people who tell us that they cause no problems....So why is he more debilitated at 70 than his 95 year old father...Why is he in pain why is he so fatigued, why does he need self administered physio every single day to be able to breath well enough to eat his breakfast. I could go on and on.

    It is so hard to watch someone you love struggle with chest pain and live a very restricted life...It doesn't help that we have had to attend 6 funerals...His ex colleagues who all died from Mesothelioma.

    Some people tell us we should be grateful he only has PP,s !

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