Success and frustration !!

Well I'm pleased to announce that 'probably' after intervention by my MP with regards to PIP assessment (who said they wouldn't be looking at my case until probably August at the earliest) I have now received a letter stating I am now eligible for PIP, which opens other avenues for me to explore. Really pleased about it.

But after attending an IIDB hearing yesterday(only took 9 months to get the date!!) after sitting around for an hour I was told it would have to be postponed until a later date, due to possible conflict of interests between certain parties !!! P**s ups and breweries spring to mind !!!!!

I have also been advised, that after over a year trying to prove it, and something my consultants have been saying all along, that on the balance of probability I do have asbestosis (not that you really want to hear that of course). But it will allow me to pursue my case for industrial compensation which will probably take another year or so through the legal process !!

But got to be thankful for small mercies and seem to be heading in right direction. As Meatloaf said two out of three ain't bad !!

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It is a real test of your tenacity!! Well done with the PIP xxx

Thanks Tadaw ...I'm like a little terrier snapping at their ankles until something is resolved !!!

Well done you,,i,m going to get in touch with my mp,,although i won,t hold my breathe,,sent pip of last sept,,dwp assured me it had gone to atos,,but it had not,,finally got to atos in April,,all those wasted months,,i,m so angry,,

13 months seems to be the norm it seems :(

Cheers Chrissie...I agree you shouldn't have to use your precious time chasing them but you have got to keep at them from all possible angles and not let them breathe !!! until they respond !!

Well done on getting PIP which components did you get?

Cheers Offcut.... I got the standard allowance for Daily Living & Mobility... Every little helps.... You just have to keep nagging and being a pain in the A**e

I agree a little each time

Two out of three is very good. Here's to you pulling off a hat trick! x

Cheers Toci

I just wanted to say well done and congratulations to you!

Take care


Thanks Author

Good luck xx

That's good news Plumbob. Only thing is from reading yours and others comments the system for getting benefits of this kind are still based on fighting to the bitter end and pulling out all options including our MPs having to help us. Plus the time it takes to get a yes or no is atrocious, but that's red tape for you. Enjoy your bonus at last.

Thanks Katie....Your right it shouldn't be like this ...Can't see politicians struggling to make ends meet !!!! X

No Plumbob they don't because their income is so high plus perks how the other half live I think we would say.

I,m really chuffed for you getting your pip good luck with the other!D.

Cheers Farmer ...Still see your keeping up with the smiley faces !!!! :0 :D :) ;)

PIP Perseverance in Persistence! Well done!

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