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Hello All!!!

This is just a follow up from yesterday just to let you know that we run a pen pals scheme . Our Pen Pals Scheme is for anybody that would like to be put in contact with somebody in the same or similar situation that they are in, to talk to and share experiences you can apply for this online via the link or you can apply or find out more about Pens Pals by ringing us on 03000 030 555.

Kind Regards.

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A dont want to be discourteous but all sounds abit prisoner cell block H ish

Dont get me wrong is lovly to recive nice hand writen letter's than usual bill's

But am sure there is better way of wording it ... not like sm any expert but when i seen post it was like would be talking to prisnors etc


Thankyou for your reply, just to clarify anyone that wants to join this scheme can communicate via letter , email or txt and its another way of offering support for people that may not be able to get out or attend one of our breathe easy groups.

Kind Regards.

Hi cheers yep a did grasp concept thanks .. yer its just pen pall am sure theres better way of wording it ...

I just want to mention that I have been trying to find penfriends for Life prisoners in Louisiana for about 28 years. I very often get negative and nasty responses when it is mentioned, but I just want to say that I have seen some marvellous friendships blossom over the years, and both prisoners and writers get a lot out of their correspondence. Hope you are well.

Sounds like a good idea Nick. I might well sign up for that. x

Love getting letters, e-mails aren't the same, although they're instant. It's a good idea.

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