Is pollution?

So went to long term pr gym on Friday feeling a bit rough ,difficulty breathing and stuff.Physio said "you don,t look like you should be doing any exercise".She asked if I wanted to go home,I thought I,ve made the effort to get here might as well do something so did a few stretches and some weights.As it had lasted more than a week she saidI should see the gp.Monday saw duty gp after checking for infection she bumped up my maintainance steroids(20mg) to 60mg .It,s Tuesday night not much improvement,lots to do tomorrow.Drop off nebuliser for service and get new one,post office for freedom pass oh and need psa blood test.Be using the wheely(bin)chair,listening to the wife moaning about how hard her life is!!! What fun!Just having a moan :D D. Oh forgot my point ,physio said it might be pollution as lots of Copd-ers at her hospital any ideas???

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  • Hi Farmer could well be. Lots of things can be an irritant to us. Traffic fumes, pollen, animals, cleaning materials etc. I find when I go in town I cough a lot more. Don't know the answer though xx

  • Hello Farmer I think it could well be pollution, this country is guilty of causing a great amount of it and that's why Europe are fining us millions! I think the weather doesn't help much, I hope you feel better soon, huff xxx

  • Thanks Puff,I love the sunshine but I suppose it only makes the pollution worse,need a good thunder storm to clear it.Can,t win can we! :D

  • Of course, it all depends on where you live, FarmerD. I live in Kent, along the Thames estuary. Even though it's said that pollution from London falls on us like an umbrella drops its rain, I find the air more pleasant here. It's testified that Peter Cushing chose this area for his wife who had chest problems.

    I've noticed that I seem to cough a lot more at the moment.

    Try to drink more water, choose it well as some make you cough as well! Hope you get better soon.

  • It could even be down to the change of air quality when you enter the gym. Even changes in temperature cause problems but just exercise on your pr as much as you can because there will be someone there keeping a eye on you to ensure you don't get into trouble.

  • It could be the fact that it is quite hot at the moment which seems to make pollution worse. I am keeping a close eye on Pete and trying to keep him indoors as much as possible but that's not always easy. Who wants to be stuck in on a nice day? Hope your day today goes well and try not to overdo things. Wishing you well FarmerD and take care. xxxxx

  • I expect it's down to the air quality at the moment D but take care eh

  • Afternoon Farmer! It might be best to leave the excercise untill you feel not so rough you do not want to excert your self and then feel worse after working out,it's up to you of course your the boss of your self but I hope Hope you feel better soon!X

  • Thanks for all the kind words folks,did all my bits and pieces,knackered now.I think it is pollution as everything else is the same,hope the steroids kick in soon this breathing lark is very tiring lol.D. :D

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