Hi everybody. Does anyone know if HU or BLF bin or get rid of anybodies private messages?

I have noticed that quite a number of private messages which have been sent to me, are no longer there. I have had similar problems with not receiving some emails. Is anyone else experiencing this, or could it be glitches in the system while they are working on the new layout? I am puzzled by it all!! Help.

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Hi Huggs i am having problems sending private messages they dgo before i finish them .and whats light bulb and box doing there how can i get rid of them ? they

make it hard to see what im writing it will be something silly and make me look a right ninny .

thanks Dorothy xxx

Hi newlands, Well, I am glad that I am not the only one! I am still on the old layout, because I think the new one is all over the place, no improvements, and ends up confusing everyone. The new lay out has lost the homely. cosy and comfortable feeling it had. I don't know anything about light bulbs or boxes, so I am assuming you are on the new layout. Why not try clicking on them to see what happens, or try to get back to the old layout. I upgraded,, but found when I went back on it was to the old site, so here I stay like an old fossil until there is no choice!! Good luck, sorry I can't be of more help. hugs from Huggs xx

Hi Huggs

On the new site.

No problems here, mine go back 9 months,

E-mails appear constant?

With your e-mails check your preference in your account.

Hi Stone, thanks for replying. I have checked my account preferences loads of times and they have not changed or need to be changed. I am still not getting all my emails through and have had this problem for a few weeks now. The messages I noticed the other day. I am receiving them ( or some of them, who knows?), but they disappear from my message page at times.

hugs from Huggs xxx

How are you coming out of them hugs? If you click 'leave this conversation' it does disappear for ever!

I find every time they change the site layout there are problems with messages whether pm's or emails. Some of it may be sorted soon hopefully. x

Hi Toci,

I never click onto the red "leave conversation", as I didn't know what would happen if I did! I wanted to make sure that my messages were left intact, and complete. I think coughalot1 is right, because I only had problems once they started work on the new layout. Thanks anyway Toci. Lots of hugs xxxx

I have gone to the new kind of site. The lamp on the right bottom of your message is to tell admin that you have a new idea!

I deleted some of my past private messages, including one of yours ( I didn't suppose this would affect the original!).

I also noticed that I tried to read a message sent to me as part of the feed of the day,when I tried to read it here, it said "Oops this message no longer exists" I put this in the little lamp on the right. Admin replied that either the message was inappropriate in their taste and they had removed it, or the originator had deleted it!

What happens when you check in your name (green band) and your "my activity"? Does it show your past messages?

Try and tell me! Computers have ways that is not of our own!!!

Calm down and carry on!

Hi Colours23,

Don't worry about me. I can assure you that I am quite calm, and was merely asking if anyone else was experiencing similar problems. As I said I am only a bit puzzled about it, and I did say that I thought it was glitches on the system as they continue with the new layout. Take care, hugs x

is that why you moved to your desert island??? So when you get angry, you can't harm anybody!!!

Hi Mick, I am still on the old site, and I hear what you are saying about lamps and things like that. When I click on my name on the green band, I still get messages and everything that was there before. Only some of the messages are missing. BT and Yahoo are having a change about today as well, and for a while I lost all my emails and contacts. I just footered around and somehow got them back, but I don't know for how long.

Yeah, that's right Mick, I am not safe to be allowed to mix with other people so they abandoned me on this desert island! Ha ha ha lots of hugs xxx

Sometimes the reply from Admin is vague. but the you can persist and say you want ...more!

Update of pic was fine for me hugs but even though I have updated and when I look at my profile I have - it also states 30% - not sure what else they want. Also pressed OK for cookies but still get annoying message taking up my screen.

HealthUnlocked do not have the courtesy to reply to emails.

Have enjoyed this site and find it very informative but I am sick to death of HU and although I will pop in from time to time I think I will be much less involved than I have been.

Hope you have got sorted by now.

love cx

My profile also says 30% cofdrop. Not sure what they need to take it to 100%. xx

Sorry to hear hat Suzy. Have you contacted HU and if you did did you get a reply apart from just a confirmation and do you get the annoying messages about updating and cookies etc even after OKing them?


Hi cofdrop no I don't get those annoying messages. This new site is fine for me except profile update is bugging me. I have done all Stone says and it now reads 90% and I'm afraid there it will have to stay. Checked it three times can't see reason why. Take care xx

Hi suzy6

Check my reply to cofdrop about profile percentage.

Hi Stone thanks. Got it to 90% have answered all questions and checked three times but still 90%. Is that the max?


Suzy6 no the max is 100 % apart from your introduction

There is further 8 sections to fill in.?

At least you are on the right track.

When complete, click news feed,

On the right you will see you avatar , welcome back xxxxx

In box ' update profile '

Hi Coughdrop,

aww , please don't abandon us. We need you here. Can you not get back onto the old site meantime? and then it will not be so frustrating. I am still on the old site and have just checked my profile and it doesn't even mention a percentage. There is bound to be a way of getting back to the old site for you, even if you google it and go in that way via the old site. It'll just take a bit of time for everything to get smoothed over, although I am no fan of the new site. It is not an improvement, and instead of saying upgrade to new HU, it should say downgrade! Don't leave us Coughdrop.

lots of hugs from Huggs xxxx

I agree stay with us cofdrop I'm waiting for an update on how you and your grandchild enjoy the Tour de France. Would miss you, I'm sure the bugs will be sorted out. Take care, stay safe xx

Thanks Huggs and Suzy.

I'm not leaving - will just visit less frequent and participate less. I did upgrade and both my piccie and profile have changed, but when you click the annoying upgrade which is still appearing that's where it states 30%. Not best pleased they have not contacted me to put this right - it is not of my making. Still getting the old which is fine with posts and questions, however their upgrade and cookie messages are a pain on the screen. I really don't want to read through loads of stuff about HU.

Take care my pals.

love cx

Hi cofdrop

To increase your profile to 100%.

Click edit profile.

You have posted a introduction , that is 30% to increase to 100%.

Scroll down to,Your Health Interest

Fill in

My symptoms

My condition

My treatment

My communities

Birth date



Postcode/ Zipcode

Tick the box to right to mark as private.

Thanks Stone - did all that originally but not all of it is on the profile!


Hi cofdrop

After playing around with my profile.

By removing one item from your health interest

I only have 85% profile.

If I remove my introduction I have 90% profile.

Although I can see your introduction, can you?

On the new site this is under the Blue banner.when you click edit profile.

There is a greyed out text box.

Oh no Cofdrop. I haven't bothered to try out new site. I had an email some time ago but although I'm ok about change I'm also of a mind to 'if it ain't broke why bother to fix it'.

I recall the last time they changed the site and we lost so many people.

I can't be doing with extra hassle either and I certainly won't be using the site if ads pop up all the time. Grrrrrr

How are you feeling healthwise?

They're not adverts sweetie - just messages about updating across the top and side and a strip message across the bottom re cookies - have clicked OK and it's still there.

Not great at mo thanks - lungs and depressed from out the blue - that's probably one reason why I just can't be bothered with it.

Hope you are at your best right now love.


Hi Peeg,

I am still on the old site, and here I stay until there is no other option. I can navigate the new site ok, but it has clearly lost something, and is not so homely can comfortable. Don't leave us Peeg! I keep mentioning a revolution, but no one is coming forward with support. I thought ( as we did with the abbreviations list), we could all write to HU or BLF. Probably HU, and state our objections. lots of hugs, from Huggs xxxx

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