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Breathtaking moments

Are you on Twitter? Or do you know anybody who is?

In July and August, Virgin Balloon Flights will donate £1 to fight lung disease for every photo of a breathtaking moment tweeted to them.

If you want to get involved, here's what you need to do:

1) Share a photo of a breathtaking moment on Twitter

2) Include #breathtakingmoment and @VirginBalloons in your tweet

3) For every photo uploaded, Virgin Balloon Flights will donate £1

If you need some inspiration, here's what we chose here in the BLF office:

For me, I had to go with the moment my fiance said 'yes'!

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Can #breathtakingmoment on fb to ... am sure he would not be interested in me

#breathtakingmoment at top of my stairs.

Only joking yep thats great news yep al defo remember that on @twitter


Hi Daz,

Unfortunately it only counts on Twitter. Here are more details:

A breathtaking moment can be anything at all - it could be a day with your family, a sunset scene or using your home oxygen treatment - or you at the top of your stairs!!

I hope this is of help,


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I will be uploading a picture of the pavement my local council fixed,which made it a lot easier to play (lol) on my wheelchair.I was amazed they did it so quickly and made a good job of it .Big up Haringey Council!I think they were quite shocked when I phoned up to thank them too,,haa haa.D. :D


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