HI.looking to buy a finger oximeter .all say they are the best .on oxygen its important to get a accurate reading during rest and walking

with reading staying on during rest and movement.also one that will give a reading down to 80 and up to 99. been weeks looking for one as they all say they are accurate ,which is not true so i am at a loss as to which one to buy . (wouldnt mind finding one that a doctor or nurse would recomend)as i would feel happier to know i had a reliable reading which can be very important when you are very breathless.dont need anything that plugs into a computer for extra data just a good one. many thanks.

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  • I got mine from Amazon (Ana Wiz 100) (£19.95) and had it checked by GP - exactly the same reading as his so I'm happy with that :) xx

  • Amazon too same as scrobbitty 18 months now still working fine.

  • I got an ana wiz from amazon too, and mine has been fine for the last year, also checked at the docs with the same reading as they had.


  • Bought my Biosync from Amazon £19.95 3 years ago, tested with my GP's and paramedics similar units and against hospital mains powered units always matched the numbers. I have been as low as 83my norm is 94.

  • Hi..lynnscott..I would ask a nice nurse for one...bet you would get one..they gave me a one..

  • I have the Biosync via Amazon too. It's very good, sensitive enough for use on babies.

  • i bought one at amazon £21.00 on teting mine was getting reading of 84 nurse came to my house and tested me with her oxomiter hers cost £3oo.oo reading was 91 so don't rely on cheap ones

  • I bought an Ana Wiz one from Amazon, was told by my COPD nurse that they are not very reliable even though the week before I had seen the doctor and she had used the exact same one to test my oxygen levels

  • Mine is a Sports Pulse Oximeter, Model Sports Stone,

    SM-110. Seems to be accurate with readings at doctor's office. Purchased on Amazon.com

  • Well, I am no expert but I am sure we all face the same problem. I bet most are now made in China but in my case I looked for equipment that was certified by the relevant health authorities as being OK. In my case I got one called 'Contec' which is certified by the U.S. FDA and Germany. (It seems the UK relies on some sort of self certification!) It seems OK. A few months ago I had to call on the emergency services and while the Paramedic was using his Oximeter I asked him how valid the readings were from these things. He said none of them is necessarily accurate but that theirs were calibrated against the main machine in the hospital. We checked mine against his and mine was 2 to 3 points different from his. I subsequently checked mine again against my GP's one and got the same difference but whether it is still the same now a few weeks on, I have no idea. Mine has registered as low as 67 and if it goes below that I'd rather not be here! Top end it goes all the way. It does seem a bit of a lottery. Good luck.

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