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Hi everyone, Just got back from holidays what a shock from 34 degrees down to 15 and rain. Hope everyone is having a good weekend and keeping well. I hear the weather has been good here till yesterday which the plants in my garden suggest. Great Grandson's birthday celebrations tomorrow. Then must get on top of the jobs before my operation next week. Now to catch up on site posts I missed while away.

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  • Hello Katie, I hope you had a lovely holiday, the weather has been great here , a couple of rainy days but plenty of sunshine, I think it does us all good summer time! Have fun celebrating your Great Grandson's birthday :0 xxx

  • Hope you had a good holiday Katie. Where did you go? Sounds a bit too hot for me. But then rain is a bit much for me too. Lol. Hope grandsons birthday goes well and very much good luck for your op


  • Hi NIn it was hot but a lovely breeze from the sea, first night we were cold till we realised it was the air conditioning so we switched it off at night from there on in. The great grandsons birthday went very well, he had lots of toys and a Spiderman scooter and the most important thing a Cake. Even in Spain we had one thunderstorm lasted a few hours. Fingers crossed the op goes ahead as planned.

  • Hiya Katie, very glad you had a holiday, hope you enjoyed it.

    Which day is you op? I've forgotten. P xx

  • Hi Peeg, my op is on the 9th july. It's been cancelled before so fingers crossed.

  • Welcome back Katie,where you go ? Sounds hot!lolD. :D

  • Hi FarmerD, My self and friends went to Torremolinos. The heats not so good for chest but eases the arthritic joints. It was very hot in the day but it is a different type of heat to England and there was a lovely breeze from the Mediterranean.

  • Glad you had a good time Katie. Good luck for the 9th.

  • Thanks Suzy6, hope you had a good weekend

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