Many thanks to Baywater Healthcare and Air Liquide for delivering my Holiday Oxygen on time to the very narrow streets of Polperro.(see pic)

Many thanks to Baywater Healthcare and Air Liquide for delivering my Holiday Oxygen on time to the very narrow streets of Polperro.(see pic)

We arrived at our holiday destination in Cornwall to find that I was fully kitted out to attack those steep hills that surround Polperro bay. They were pretty scary but my Malvern Hills training meant there was nothing to fear! :) .

With this lot I was ready for just about anything Cornwall could throw at me and I wasn't alone. I met another oxygen breather while walking around the Harbour, we had a bit of a chat as you do and I informed him of the BLF Healthunlocked community site so we may gain another member as he sounded interested in joining.

Back home now in the shadows of the Malverns which is probably a good thing for my health as swilling my many pills down with Cornish cider instead of Malvern Water was not the best idea I've had but Hey I was on holiday!! :) .

Tony. Alive and kicking JUST!!!

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  • Oh boy those streets are very narrow! Last time I went was in the days of hot pants and platform shoes but at least I had lungs then LOL.

    Yay on the having fun and double yay on washing down pills with Cornish cider - it's only fizzy apple juice innit? hahahahaha :) xx

  • That fizzy apple juice does funny things to your legs dunnit' they kind of go all wobbly and head off in the opposite direction to where you wonna' go. It also make's you think you can sing too as I found out in the Blue Peter Inn while the music festival was on, of course mixing it with Southern Comforts really helped. The roof came off that night as everyone was up for a good time so it would have been bad manners not to join in. :) .

    There were a few hot pants and platforms around at the music festival (I was told :) ) where they had some great bands, so you had best dig your old one's out of the loft if you want to be cool eh'.

    Tony xx

  • Lot of oxygen there Tony so they did well with the delivery. You seem to have had a great time on holiday especially with the Cornish Cider. Good for you! Take care. xxx

  • Wow, there and back again. So glad you had a good time. What else can you take pills with. Water is for washing! I bought the stopwatch, I bought the trundle wheel and went for a 6 minute walk. I walked 'til the black was coming down and stopped to recover.

    Time walked 2 mins 23secs

    Distance covered 148 metres.

    Boy was I disappointed. I have 3 months to improve or at least manage 6 mins. D :)

  • Tony! I wish I had known you were there - until 2 years ago I lived in Polperro and now live a few miles inland at Liskeard. I still pop over there a few times a week when weather is good. I usually do the cliff path from Polperro to Talland and on to Looe if I am feeling good - unfortunately parts of the Pol - Talland stretch were still shut last time I tried as there is unstable ground near Talland. My son and d-in-law still live in Polperro too and my daughter works in the little 'Beanand Scone' cafe through the summer months until she returns to uni. I hope you liked Polperro and will return again - the winter months are quite mild and it is a lovely place out of season too if you like walking the cliff etc. Let me know if you go again and we can meet up and go walking! Incidentally I was squinting at the pic trying to work out which cottage you were in - at a guess I would say you were somewhere in the warren?

  • welcome back dall,nice pic yer all stocked up,glad the holiday went well xx

  • Thanks TS3, The holiday was brill and I recommend cider and oxygen mix to live'n things up a little.

    Just watched Metallica at Glastonbury on my new 46 inch smart TV and Wow they were great!! :)

    I'm back on Malvern Water now :( never mind eh' all good things have to come to an end.

    Tony xxx

  • Hi Tony, sounds like you had a lovely break, those fizzy apple drinks sound delish! So pleased you had a well deserved good time! :) xxx

  • Thanks hp, we had great weather which made the fizzy apple drinks :) taste even better and combine these with the music festival as well it turned out just dandy!!! xx

  • hi many years ago I managed the 3 pilchards pub nice little place. I enjoyed the time i spent there.

  • Hi hopetorun, we went in the 3 Pilchards Inn where they were selling Weston's Old Rosie cider so I had to sample a few pints didn't I. :)

    They have a great little beer garden at the back up some very steep steps which made me puff a bit but the view up there was the best in town.

  • Welcome home, Tony. Missed ya!

  • Thanks Toci, the problem with going away is there is now piles of washing to be done and the front and back lawns need mowing so with the sun shinning I had better get busy and make some Hay!!!

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