Going on Holiday with a lung condition


I have been asked to review the BLF booklet about going on holiday. I would welcome your suggestions and comments about holidaying in the UK. Here is the link to the page on the BLF website - blf.org.uk/Page/Travel - where there is a link to the booklet. So any suggestions you have about holidaying in the UK and the practicalities of doing that would be very much appreciated.

I'll be tackling the holidaying abroad section tomorrow so watch out for a post about that.



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Might be idea .. Was thinking myself of giving spains nhs a run for the money

Was thinking it be like holiday for my gp's pratice :))



We do go on holiday in the UK but no longer go abroad as Pete is not interested in flying or going on a ship. We just pack up our car and off we go with all the medication and nebuliser. Pete is not on oxygen but I know that many places are fine with that and even going away in a caravan is not impossible. It is good for everyone to be able to get away if they can. xx

Carrying contact details for your own GP in case of medical problems in the UK

Can I suggest a small amendment/addition to the checklist, which is to take a prescription showing all medication as well as a full list. I might have missed it, in which case apologies!


Hi All ..I live in Spain & the treatment I receive has been brilliant ,I regularly see my consultant ,my PF is so far under control, well as much as it can be ,if control is even the right word ..I am hoping to travel to Mexico in a few months ,however the Health authorities here only supply oxygen for travel in Europe ,does anyone have any idea how I can get round this problem ..Help is much appreciated ...

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