Holls !!

Well we finally made it down to Dorset on Saturday despite the sat nat nav taking us the scenic route after we got off M5 The weather is fantastis the caravan lovely ...same one each year ..with a view out to sea . I sitting on patio people watching and having cuppa tea ... We decided to renew our wedding vows whilst we here at little church accross the lane perfect spot .. Vicar been see us and doing it on 9th july ..quite excited really .just the 2 of us and sally our dog the vicar and chhurch overlooking the sea.....what. more can you ask for ..... sue. X

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  • May I be the first to congratulate you. I adore a good romance. Please enjoy the rest of your holiday as well. You won't stop smiling Saturday. D :)

  • Brilliant things these sat navs, we ended up at the local refuse tip instead of a garden centre lol, put it down to the fact the tip sell garden compost Mmmmm!! well that's my excuse. Because I really did put the right post code in it ( I think ) ????? :O :D

    And congrats on the Wedding Vows and all the best for the future :)

    Az & Nin

  • How lovely! Weather glorious here but then Dorset does get more than it's fair share of fabulous weather (mostly) :) x

  • Do you live in dorset ? .if so. , lucky you. !!!!

  • Yes I live in lovely Dorset, in between Bournemouth and Poole, inland but close enough to the sea if I want to go :) xx

  • How lovely ..we,r in Bridport ..well Eype abt mile away. Love it her come every year and rent caravan literally on beach stay abt 4 weeks then try come again sept / oct. Beautifull place. Its abt 200 mmiles from home so bit of a haul but worth it. X sue

  • Yep that is a bit of a haul but as you say, worth it. When you live in a nice part of the country, wherever it is, you forget the beauty of the place until fresh eyes notice and comment LOL. Have a fabby time and enjoy your vow renewal :) xx

  • Sue that sounds lovely. Congratulations to you both on renewing your wedding vows. Lovely uplifting post.

    love cx

  • Thanks all ...There are times when you just think ....this is the right time to do something and this is it . Mind you just remembered ther,s an antigues and craft market on as well .. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. ! Decisions .decisions ?

  • Have the best time!! TAD xx

  • Hi Sue, firstly I hope you are behaving yourself! and secondly congratulations for the 9th July..I am glad you are enjoying yourself I have thought of you..Good luck lots love Laura xxx

  • What a fabulous location for a holiday and a wedding, only down the road from me might have to dust off my hat and celebrate with you. Enjoy your day

  • Hi there ! Sorry i only just seen your reply yes we love it here been here last 5/6 years nice and quiet. Nice and clean and no noisy kids Might attempt saturday market tomorro....see how i am. ! Where are you from. ??

  • Apologies we went to Exmoor for a few days, we live near to Crewkerne on the Somerset/Dorset borders so our nearest coast is 10 miles away at Bridport.

  • How lovely ...i,m jealous. !!! Nice day today ..done absolutly nothing. Just moved from one chair to another !! Market nearly finished me off and ther werent as many stalls as used to be ..will attempt Charmouth market tomorro if. Ok ..its just big enough. And easy parking, sitting , and nebulising ....good lord is it worth it. ???

  • we find Charmouth market more tiring than Bridport, at least in Brid we can find somewhere to sit down and have a drink, recover and ready for the next bit. Enjoy whatever you are doing, us we will be catching up with the washing, oh deep joy

  • How lovely. Enjoy your special day......something you will never forget. Many good wishes.....

    Don't forget to enjoy the rest of your holiday.

  • congratulations on renewing your wedding vows have a lovely day, the three most important people will be there xxmarian

  • Sue 48 great that's the way to do it ....to the fresh air maybe you enjoy and let free all that pent up tension bless you and all

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