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Where do we go from here ?

Hey diddle-de-dee !

the country life for me

Farmer Giles is cutting the Hay

that's b*******d up the rest of my day

So where do I go from here

Hey diddle-de-ditty

Oh! How I do love the city

cars that smoke and buses that choke

and it's a long chalk from being pretty

So where do I go from here

So I think I'll go to the Sea-side

where the Air is supposedly Pure ( yeah )

but I found this funny little Epitaph

saying " He died from O3 in the Air.

So where can I go from here ???

Azaard D'az

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Haha, made me smile this morning!How true....


Glad it made Ya Smile :)


Hello, yea I live by the sea,it doesn't choke me like traffic fumes or plants,to much wind can choke you,but you can deep breathe at the sea and know that it's not been polluted.can relax abit more,n take the car so you can escape if needed.have a lovely day.


yep it's nice to live by the sea, if it's clean and the beaches are looked after, which is fast becoming difficult to find or afford these days, Glad you've got a nice spot


Hey diddley dee

This the holiday life for me

Off to the caravan by the sea

Hopefully pollution free. D :)

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Happy Holibags Dozy, Don't forget to send Postcards and a Stick of rock Pls :P

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Hope you have a lovely holiday ,like the idea of a caravan and breathe in the sea air is wonderful.


Loved this - I'm looking at coach journeys to the sea to hopefully get some fresh air.


Hope you find a really nice one, Sand, sea, Fresh air, and a Hotel with a FREE BAR & FREE ROOM SERVICE Mmmm ( Wishful think me thinks ) lol

Ps Don't Pick Morecambe, no sand, no fun, lousy hotels , and a few other things I can't mention here, I'm from Lancaster originally, on 3 miles away and would not visit Morecambe again If I was Paid to. But hope you find what your looking for and when ya find the fresh air, could you bag some for the rest of us pls. :)

Az & Nin


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