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Do all oxygen extractors smell?

I use an extracted at night that is pump into my BIPAP machine (I have central sleep apnea). This odor is harsh and appears to leave a deposit in my nasal cavities as I can smell it all day long. I use a saline nasal flush twice a day and that is not removing the odor. I hope it is not toxic. I complain to the company that supplies the machine and they gave me a replacement. This time it still had the odor but much less. I note that oxygen supplies at the hospital has no such odor. I hope that the help for my COPD is not doing additional harm.

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Is the odour coming from the tubing? I recently had mine changed by my equipment supplier and it has a distinct stink. Rib


I know the tube odor from the vinyl. This is coming from the Oxygen compacter. When I first got one (it look like a very old unit) the odor was horrendous - and they exchange it. I then got a nearly new one and the odor was dramatically better but it still had some smell. Note from day one all tubing and vinyl hosing was brand new. I just have this odor during the day if I just cup my hands in front of my nose and breath in & out without using the machine. The odor is definitely in my nasal passage or sinus.


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