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today we went to southend . I got to use my mobility scooter in a busy place for first time . having been a lorry driver for over 40 years I thought, be a piece of cake . didn't realise having no brakes would make it so awkwood it works by letting go of the lever .so takes about 2 or 3 feet to stop . soon got hang of it thou . had a loverly 4 hours in town we watched a display by loads of dancers in warrior square all diferent types from jump jive to jazz .came home worn out , had a kip then daughter and grand daughter took us to the new restarant overlooking priory park called the saxon king for dinner tonight . it was brilliant , very busy .yhe food and service top rate . sadly ate too much so im really suffering now . now watching footy . keep on breathing . x x x x

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  • hi Sounds like a great day. I hope you get to use your scooter again best wishes Irene

  • Well done, a huge taste of freedom for you !

  • Yes I too find it a pain that scooter doesn't have brakes! Never hit a person but on occasion gone into a piece of outside furniture!! Glad you getting out and about and enjoying scootering!

  • Yeah scooter stoppage can be a pain - just try going to a crowded gallery or exhibition in one! The worst I've done is very gently bump someone but have had a few black looks when people don't notice me (in a crowd) and trip over the scooter! Couldn't get out without it though, so not complaining. Good luck with yours, Fran

  • My brother used to drive a lorry and found it so difficult to get in to his car after his shift. I'm pleased your keeping your independence so important no matter how we do it.

  • Great to her your adventures and after watching a programme on scooters glad to hear they can be managed. TAD xx

  • Glad you had a good day it's years since I've been to Southend Bliss

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