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Set back

Had a bit of a set back last night. I have done nothing but cough and struggle to breath for 2 years. Got diagnoses of copd stage 2 with 54% lung function a couple of months ago. Gp put me on mucodyne 3 weeks ago and within days felt so much better it was unbliveable. Every one was noticing how well I was and I felt almost like a new woman. Last night had so much mucus on chest had a coughing fit for over a hour and really was struggling to breath. Was so breathless could not even get off the sofa to walk to the loo and am ashamed to say I wet myself. My son had to get me clean cloths and help me get dressed. I had took 6 puffs of ventolin in 40 mins but things where getting no better so had to get ambulance people as my oxygen levels had been on 92 for over a hour. Ambulance people stayed with me over a hour and oxygen levels did go back up to 96 in the end. Amblance people a bit taken aback that I was not under a local respiratory team and have sent urgent email to my go about this. Talked to doctor on the phone today who said he was putting my case together to get me under a respiratory team. I am not feeling great today peak flow down to 230. Just so feed up as was doing so well when I see gp yesterday afternoon he told me to half my dose of symbicort.

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you poor hope you are feeling a bit better. I know about coughing and wetting....the first time that happened to me, I was devastated - but, it's part and parcel and I now wear pads....just in case. I take them out with me too, just in case I have a coughing fit in the car, or elsewhere....hope you get some help from your GP. Take care of yourself. Sending you a smile, it MIGHT help :)


Sorry to hear this. Hopefully once you see the respiratory team they will get you back on an even keel.



Oh I am so sorry for you - that is just awful. If its any consolation my husband has been really good but is not so good now! Back on the antibiotics and steroids! I wonder if this warm weather is affecting you and/or him? Awful about wetting yourself - I can do it and I don't have COPD. Tena lady is the way forward! I hope you are feeling better today. I had to ask for a referral to our respiratory team - and I have found it quite useful to be able to have that contact. Hoping its a one off and you start to feel much better. Take good care, lots of kind thoughts and hugs TAD xxx



Hope you are feeling a lot better and as Tad says tena ladies are good, I think I have shares in them !! I was interested in your comment about your oxygen being 92 and ambulance people were concerned , mine is that most of the time and sometimes lower than that , should I be worried XX carol


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