Singing for COPD

May this lovely video from Leicester inspire you - you really can benefit even if you think you can't sing or are too breathless to sing, even anyone using oxygen.

I am working hard with the BLF to compile a list of all the singing groups nationally specifically for participants with lung disease. It will take a short while but keep an eye on the website or contact the helpline. Also you may find a singing for health choir near you on

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Have just watched and listened it is inspiring. I heard one of the choirs and even joined in at a BLF meeting I went to a while ago it was wonderful, I hope someday to find something local to join.

Keep up the good work.

polly xx

Where are you based?

Solihull, West Midlands

Hi doxy1,

I haven't looked at your link yet, but fully intend to do so. I love singing but am totally tone deaf. I am so bad that if I have to sing somewhere ( like a funeral for example), I mime!

I just wanted to let you know, if you don't already, that this Sunday on the banks of the Thames Estuary, helingmic is part of a group of people with lung disease who will be singing. I am not sure if it is just copd or other respiratory conditions as well. He is part of a group called "Inspiration". He is busy rehearsing, but I am not sure of the time. I think he mentioned somewhere like Tankerton Slope or similar. I have been trying to persuade him to get it filmed and then put it on youtube. He replied, that no one would want to hear them!! Well, I would, and if you don't already know about this group, then Mick can tell you more.

All the best with your project, and I will look at the links later on. Good luck. hugs from Huggs xx

Thanks - would be great if you can find out from him the time, place & contact details for his regular singing group & we can make sure it's on the list

Hi Doxy1, My apologies for not getting back to you sooner, but I fell asleep. Its horrible the impact of copd has on you. Never mind, theres lots worse off than me. I pm'd Mick, to tell him about your post and the links. He said he would contact you by pm to give details of his group. His performance is on the Thames Estuary, at Tankerton Slope at 3 p.m. I hope I have the venue correct, I mean the Tankerton Slope bit, as I am not a Londoner. I advised him to put a post up about it, but I think he is shy, so I've done it for him!

Good luck, oh I saw your link and it looks great. I would be good at waving my arms around, as I'm always being told that I talk with my hands! I loved the words of the song too.

hugs from Huggs xx

Ps we must find you a local singing group so you can sing out loud and proud - honestly doesn't matter what you sound like - in my years of teaching I have met so many people who think they can't sing because they were told to be quiet by a parent, sibling or teacher - very liberating to just go for it - my boyfriend's got an interesting relationship with pitch and he sings with his arm round me at weddings deliciously out of tune - really doesn't matter and practice makes perfect

What a great video - not only for the singing but also the ukulele's! I decided to get myself a uke last year as it is an ideal instrument for someone with severe COPD - so lightweight and easy to hold or carry around with you. It is also one of the easiest instruments to learn - as many young school children have found out - and there are many instructional programmes for beginners online. I do neglect it somewhat in good weather as I am out and about - but through the winter months when stuck indoors it is great fun to practice and play and never fails to put me in a happy mood. I also love singing BUT for some reason I just can't get the hang of singing and playing at the same time .. but that gives me something to aim for next winter! If ever you have a singing/ uke group in south east Cornwall I will be there like a shot! Best wishes, Vanessa.

I have one tone .....that is deaf.

But I do bring down the roof with Budgies help on Saturday morning between

8 & 10 am. With SOTS. or Sounds of the sixtys with Brian

Matthew. On radio 2. Gets the old brain cells working with all those memories. Plus all the exercise with foot taps..hand claps and jigging up & down.



Absolutely brilliant listening to the song has truly inspired me.......... thanks xx

I already play guitar but find it very tiring now,having seen that I may invest in a ukulele..I,m due to start a singing group this week.If all goes well and I make it,did,nt reach gym this week because of exacerbation,will report back.Thanks for the link.D.

Where is your singing group? Day, time, contact details? Then BLF can add to the national list.

"Sing for your lungs" physiotherapy gym,Whittington Hospital,equiries:Community Respiratory Team 0207 288 5474

Small world - I set up that group and ran it for a year unti mid April this year - friendly bunch - go along as soon as exacerbatiob clears - have a wonderful time & give them my love. Phoene

My name is phoene cave ( - I ran the singing for breathing group at the royal brompton hospital for 2 years, then Whittington hospital for 1 year. I produced a singing exercise cd for lung or cardiac conditions available from the rb&h arts website or here at I will be talking more on the subject on July 4th at city of London festival if anyone interested I may be able to get discounted tickets - most importantly though is just to get up an to date list of all singing for copd groups currently running so as many as possible nationally can start to feel a little better & enjoy a brighter quality of life

Hey everyone and doxy.

The video is really enticing. I'm not Pavarotti (He was a tenor anyway, and I am more a bass), but being in a group is a fantastic feeling, especially if you try to outshout your neighbour :-)

Our group was called Inspiration. it's being changed to Breath of Life.

If anybody is in the Whitstable area, we are breaking for summer!!! :-)

But we'll be back from 23rd September at All Saints Hall, Church Street, Whitstable.

The group started by a study at the University of Kent to see if singing is beneficial! It proved to be! But since the study is finished, we also lost the Government support. never mind, we decided to support each other without the government. It worked! The lady who leads the group is going, to study for a master's degree in music. She is accompanied by a guitarist and he is taking over.

I tell you singing badly, like I do, has spurred me into wanting to sing better. so I got the book "Singing for Dummies" and do the suggested exercises, even for so called tone deaf people ( you can heal your pitch deafness!) singing is definitely an enthusiastic activity, I recommend it to you all. :-)

P.S. I have also joined our church choir! ( I don't know if the attendance will increase!)

Hurrah for all that

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