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well first night on oxygen on a normal night I take my amitrypttiline at 9 pm out for the count by 10 pm still wide awake 12.20 still wide awake is this normal with oxygen

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Its just that its maybe taking some getting used to , I do sleep much better now i have got used to mine as i used to wake up lots of times during the night , so has really helped me . x

This is my second week on oxygen and I can sleep like a log and also my walking has improved greatly and feels like I have iimproved a lot since taken it

junespoon in reply to jimmyg23

Jimmy23, do you only wear your oxygen at night, or need it to go out walking.please.

jimmyg23 in reply to junespoon

On all night and on in the afternoon if I have a little nap

junespoon in reply to jimmyg23

Thanks Jimmy hoping that's all I shall need, after my assessment,

I've been on oxygen a month almost now,it takes a bit of getting used to,but stick with it,you'll soon feel the Benifits.good luck


Hi teaky, I started mine a few months ago and couldn't get used to it at first, taking ages to sleep. I asked my provider to put long tubes on so I could move the concentrator away from the bedroom way down the hall, which helped and have become used to the hissing now ( on 4lpm) so do sleep better although the cannula comes off during the night and I briefly stir to put it back on, mental note to get some surgical tape lol. Hope you get sorted soon nothing worse than not getting sleep :)

I wear oxygen all night, I put my head through the loop made by the slider on the end part of the cannula then slide the slider up to tighten round my head so the tube is at the back of my head, it doesn't come off in the night. I hope you can understand this. Keep smiling

Carole x

I put mine around my ears and tighten it under my chin. I'm not keen on it the other way.

Hi Carole, sat in living room with it in now like that feels ok many thanks :)

Toci in reply to Bryju124

I have been on oxygen 5 years and my cannula never comes out at night - since I got one that fitted properly. Ask about trying different ones to find one that suits you best - straight long/straight short/curved long/ curved short/soft tip/etc.

I forget I've got mine on a lot of the time. I've never been a good sleeper anyway. Not even 75mg of Amitriptyline does anything ! :)

I wake a lot since I have been on oxygen just bought myself a meditation sleep cd. I used it this morning at 2 a.m. for the 1st time and I did go back to sleep quite quickly when normally it takes a couple of hours will see how tonight goes.

(I am only on 1.1/2 lpm)

polly xx

thank you all once again

I'm on oxygen 24/7 and had a dreadful time sleeping before I had it because of difficulty in breathing but now I sleep like a baby for six or seven hours. We did, however, invest in a good quality mattress recently and this has also helped a lot. Good luck with establishing a decent nights sleep.

Hi teaky-19 cant really help you with your oxygen as im not on it yet, but I take amitryptilin and they don't help me sleep my strength is 10 mg I take one at night what strength are you on?

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