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I don't know if anyone remembers my post in December when at the time I was struggling to recover from Pneumonia I'd had since June. I went to see my locum consultant who was rude and depressed me by being so negative, he did however prescribe Azithromycin which have made a huge difference to me.

Anyway I had another appointment today and saw someone different as my doctor is still on maternity leave.

Well he couldn't have been more positive, he actually examined me and was impressed with my 94 blood gas, wanted to know about my PR and oxygen assessment, if I exercise and my diet. And basically said he thinks I'm doing very well.

He thinks my border line osteoporosis should be re checked as I've been receiving treatment for two years, also i should have Lung function, CT Scan and Echocardiogram. See him again in 3 months and depending on results be referred for a Lung Transplant Assessment. I don't hold out much hope for it but it's nice he was so up beat.

And my appointment lasted at least 20 mins and I came out the time my appointment was booked for.

Kim xxx

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  • Great to hear that Kimmy; makes such a differene to have a consultant you have confidence in. Onwards and upwards!

  • Hi Kimmy,

    That sounds great news for you, and it just shows how the doctor's manner affects us. When they are genuinely interested, caring, positive and want to help it really makes a world of difference to us. I don't think a lot of doctors realise the impact their approach has on us. If you can manage to keep reasonably well, free from infection, remain positive and do everything right from your end, then you never know what will happen. Never, ever give up on hope. I am so happy for you. A lovely happy post! lots of hugs from huggs xxxx

  • So glad to hear kimmy - talk about one extreme to another! Have a fab summer! Lots of love TAD xx

  • Thanks for your posts.

    It really did make a difference to have a positive response from a doctor. I'm not stupid I know this illness cant be cured or reversed, but it can be managed. The other doctor put me such a downward spiral, my niece was there and she was so angry.

    Kim xxxx

  • Hi kimmy

    I am so pleased you now have a proactive, sensitive and supportive consultant - certainly makes a difference to your general wellbeing. Good news.

    love cx

  • hi kimmy. that's the way to do it ....get right on top of it .if it gets on top of you ... you can only feel low . now is the time to look forward to happier days good for you and good you have the support of your niece. Bless you and every one

  • Great to hear this Kimmy,

    Yes i do remembr because I had a very similar experience seeing my con for the 1st time in Feb '13.

    My smart, fairly assertive daughter came as a second pair of ears. He gave more attention to his student than he did me, he was rude, dismissive & unpleasant. when I turned to look at Nellie tears were rolling down her cheeks.

    I saw him once more then refused ever to see him again.

    3rd visit I saw a wonderful registrar she sent me immediately for a CT and tests. She was absolutely delighted when she showed me the scan with no bronchiactasis or emphysema, just scarring. A really lovely doctor who more or less changed my life.

    By my 5th visit she was working in a ward but a nurse went to find her and she came down to see me. I intend to write to her to tell her what a great doctor she is.

    Great post Kimmy

  • What a fantastic result for you, good for you for refusing to see him again.

    My niece came with me for similar reasons as your daughter, I felt so ill at the time I couldn't even walk so she took me in a wheelchair, he basically said you've got this illness how do you expect to feel, my niece never spoke until the next day when she rang me to apologize. Safe to say I had worked myself up into a state about yesterdays visit, luckily it was this new doctor. xxx

  • Great to see a positive post with a positive attitude. Sometimes the consultants have a false impression of their own abilities and feel that in their opinion this is the way forward. They do not live with the conditions that they are talking about. Most of the time they do not understand the financial problems these conditions cause. The stress on the whole family etc.

    Politeness comes free if their job makes them so miserable find something else.

    Be Well

  • Exactly. Safe to say most of my values came from my dad, and one was civility costs nothing. I wish he had been with me the last time, stand by your beds springs to mind.

    Kim xxx

  • If I hold a door open for someone and they do not even give a nod of thanks I Say "Pardon" most will say "I said nothing" I reply with "Sorry I thought you said thank you" My pet hate I am afraid.

  • It' so lovely to see how upbeat you feel now....I wasn't part of the group in December so didn't see your last message,. You mention in this message you have been getting treatment for osteoporosis....could you tell me what the treatment is please...I have it and have wedge fractures, etc., but haven't had any "treatment" - just alendronic acid tablets, which I took myself off after 7 I am curious ....stay well :)

  • Afternoon.

    I've only been taking the once a week tablet, I was given Alendronic Acid that made me ill as did the Strontium, but now I'm taking Risedronte and high dose Vitamin D which seems to work fine, I'm having another Bone Density soon so I'll let you know.

    Kim xxx

  • thanks - would like to hear your results.

  • It really does make a huge difference how you are treated, Last time I went to my GP saw a Locum I felt terrible so SOB, all he said was take your rescue pack its the emphysema progressing, I knew he could not do anything for me , but just a little compassion, or well we will try this different anti biotic would have helped, The wages which they receive, off us the tax payer, beggers belief.

  • Bless you it's exactly how I feel, I'm quite lucky with GP he's nice, if you can get past Hitler who mans the desk.

    Kim xxxxx

  • The last time I saw my consultant about my glaucoma I got upset as the pressure in my eyes had risen significantly, he looked at me in a very condescending way & asked if I would rather be blind or be able to breathe !!! I also have just been diagnosed with COPD & the medications for each problem are clashing.

    These people might be very highly qualified but they seem to forget that WE ARE NOT ONLY PATIENTS BUT WE ARE PEOPLE......

  • Well said! x

  • Absolutely. My actual consultant has a very posh voice and looked down her nose me the very first appointment I had, fortunately I felt very well at the time so when she answered me abruptly I just glared at here, she soon changed her tune. Trouble is when you feel ill it's hard enough to sit up let alone argue. xxxx


  • HuMming

    Great to hear that you met a doctor who treats people with care respect and dignity if only they were all like that.

  • Sorry about the typo my tablet substitutes sense for gobbledygook

  • I went to see a consultant December 13 he said I looked very good and was presentable I asked if the rest of his patients were tramps and because we have COPD showering does not make our condition worse more breathless. He said he was going to do sleep ap tests etc January I got his consulting bill £150.00 we are now in June 6 months on and nothing.

    Pleased you are getting things sorted take care

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