I have been pretty busy since I recovered from my pseudomonas and we had a busy weekend ending Sunday with a BBQ at my daughters. After we had been there about 3hrs I suddenly felt exhausted and came home and have not felt much better since, went to rehab on Monday but was a bit slow, shopping yesterday and was shattered last night so today I am resting and doing nothing at all hope I will be o.k. for rehab tomorrow.

Worried in case I am going down with anything else not coughing up anything just general tiredness.

polly xx

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Hello Polly ,you have a really good rest and hope you feel better in the morning.

take care

Dorothy xx

Thanks Dorothy

polly xx

Hope you feel better tomorrow after a nice rest today. You have been keeping busy so deserve to put your feet up. Take care and feel better very soon. xxxx

Thanks sassy feet are up


Maybe it was the barbecue, Polly? It certainly has a bad effect on my lungs.

Hi Polly hope you feel much better tomorrow, lots of love TAD xx

I now make sure of more restful day after a busy one ... or dip in energy makes everything worse. Xxx

Hi pollyjj, sometimes I get like that after a good day out etc., I think our batteries are not as good as usual and need to recharge ready for the next adventure (or outing) whichever. Keep going, sometimes a little TLC is all it takes. Pauline x

hi pollyjj i get days like that were i feel completly drained i do what you do and completly rest and feel a bit better the next day i call it listening to my body marian xx