I have been pretty busy since I recovered from my pseudomonas and we had a busy weekend ending Sunday with a BBQ at my daughters. After we had been there about 3hrs I suddenly felt exhausted and came home and have not felt much better since, went to rehab on Monday but was a bit slow, shopping yesterday and was shattered last night so today I am resting and doing nothing at all hope I will be o.k. for rehab tomorrow.

Worried in case I am going down with anything else not coughing up anything just general tiredness.

polly xx

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  • Hello Polly ,you have a really good rest and hope you feel better in the morning.

    take care

    Dorothy xx

  • Thanks Dorothy

    polly xx

  • Hope you feel better tomorrow after a nice rest today. You have been keeping busy so deserve to put your feet up. Take care and feel better very soon. xxxx

  • Thanks sassy feet are up


  • Maybe it was the barbecue, Polly? It certainly has a bad effect on my lungs.

  • Hi Polly hope you feel much better tomorrow, lots of love TAD xx

  • I now make sure of more restful day after a busy one ... or dip in energy makes everything worse. Xxx

  • Hi pollyjj, sometimes I get like that after a good day out etc., I think our batteries are not as good as usual and need to recharge ready for the next adventure (or outing) whichever. Keep going, sometimes a little TLC is all it takes. Pauline x

  • hi pollyjj i get days like that were i feel completly drained i do what you do and completly rest and feel a bit better the next day i call it listening to my body marian xx

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