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Passed out at work, hospitalized and told I have COPD all in one day! Left hospital on 24/7 oxygen X 3L.

I did feel I was unable to do a lot of chores completely like I use to but I thought it was old age (54). Never have problems breathing or episodes or coughing. Although they want me on the oxygen 24/7 I rarely use it only to work out. Could someone tell me if I have been diagnosed properly? I have had a chest xray, cat scan blood work. I bought a oximeter and I stay around 94% without oxygen....Help

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Have you been checked by a pulmonary consultant ? They give you proper tests to find out about COPD.

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Still in the horrendous waiting line. Referrals! you gotta love them.

I would ask for the lung function test in the plastic box. I am 59 yrs 92/95% at rest on a good day and have no O2 I drop 12.2% when flat?

Thanks for the advice

The real proof is in a spirometry test to determine your lung capacity and how much damage there is to the lungs. Oxygen levels at 94-96% at rest is normal for me. My levels drop significantly when working or exercising. I believe the standard is you want to keep your oxygen levels over 90% in all cases.

The spirometry is the next step to determine what stage of COPD you are at.

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And this I will get when I get a pulmonary appt. Whenever that is! I do drop significantly when exercising though.

Are you on oxygen?

No, not on oxygen. My Pulminary Specialist would like me to use oxygen when I am doing heavy physical work etc. I have tried it, but to date I have not started to use it.

I have been able to get by with pacing myself in the tasks I undertake

That is pretty much what I do now as well, it seems to work ok for now but.????

I have ordered a Portable Oxygen Concentrator. I am concerned about the damage that can be done to internal organs by driving the oxygen levels too low. So I will use it when I exercise so that I can accomplish more. Beyond that, it is a question mark.

Hi, sounds odd to me but then I'm not very experienced or a doctor.

What country are you in? Try calling the help line for advice 03000030555

Keep up with exercise though. Can you get your sats up from 94 with deep breathing on your own?

I'm in California. My sats are 94-96 not exercising, when I exercise excessively they drop significantly to like 84-90

Good Morning, I would agree with Peeg and call the helpline for advise. From the brief details you have written it does seem odd but I am not a doctor so cannot really comment. The exercise is really good especially for COPD. Ask the helpline their advise I am sure the nurses will be able to help you. Take care, TAD xx

thanks for the advice.

Hi Redman and welcome to the site. I am sorry to hear of your health problems. There are a lot of people with COPD who are undiagnosed or diagnosed late who put their symptoms down to getting older. This is because most people have never heard of it. The Govt issues lots of warning about lung cancer etc. but not COPD which is much more common. At least you have a diagnosis now and with meds, a healthy diet and exercise can do a lot to slow down the progression.

There are lots here on oxygen who still lead a full and active life - if a bit slower. Stick with us here, between us we know a lot about lung disease and will help and support you all we can. Take care. x


Thanks for the vote of encouragement! All we can do is hope for the best. But its good to know I not alone on this island.

I would just check with your specialist about the oxygen. But if you are told to use it. However you feel. Use it. The oxygen is to protect your organs. And if your oxygen gets to low. they get damaged. I use oxygen for mobility and sometimes check my sats. I can feel fine - test my sat levels and find I am only at 88%. Of course that is damaging to my body so put the oxygen back on. Sats above 92 are fine and you will not damage anything. Take a reading after walking up your stairs, going for a walk around the house. Up the road. While not entirely accurate your oximeter will give you and idea. Remember. There have been a lot of people in the morgue because they did not use their oxygen when it was required.


Thanks! I do check my sats on a regular basis and with the exception of working out on the treadmill I stay pretty much around 92-94. So I have been using the o2 when I work out. Once I get to take the proper test from the specialist I will feel better about this 24/7 stuff if it is required.

I have a lung function test every year some time twice I'm 52 years young and have the lung capacity of a 84 year old I'm due a lung function test but I'm putting it off but I would go and see the nurse at you GP practice

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I was admitted with pneumonia to be told I had COPD and possibly had it for a long time, what a shock to my life

My blood oxygen level stops at 85%, I am 77 but am on oxygen 8 hours at night and soon to be on it in the day....

I wish you the best!

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Hi redman I had similar concerns about using O2 as you seem to have, I refused to us it whilst working out. I was determined to teach my muscles to work harder on less O2, Try googling Dr Noah Greenspan New York pulmo rehab, seems to me this guy knows just about everything there is to know about using O2 when training and much more besides. I am in the UK but hope to get across to NY if at all possible. Good luck and. Keep on jogging it does make a difference.

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Thanks for the advice, I plan on continuing to work out and eventually without O2 but for now it seems to be the best solution.

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