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Now this is what I call service

On a routine blood test I was found to have too much sodium, during that evening the duty doctor phoned and asked me to go in to the local hospital for another blood test on the next day (Saturday). The result was normal sodium but too high calcium, back to the health centre for another blood test. After a few days my GP phoned and asked me to go in and chat about the results. She explained what it was and the possible causes. and referred me to hospital, next day I got a card saying phone in and book an appointment which we did. The following day (Friday) the Consultant's office phoned and asked me to go in on the following Monday (yesterday), a long chat and another blood test. Then this morning my Respiratory Consultant phoned and asked me to make an appointment to see him in the next few days During the afternoon the Endocrine Consultant phoned with the test results which showed nothing serious but he needs a blood test done at 09.00 in the morning to confirm if my adrenalin gland is ok or damaged by years of steroids. I find it amazing that two Consultants can find the time to talk to each other and call me personally the next day. There is something to be said for living in Devon

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Moneal...what the, who the, how the, ...What can I say? just about as much as your consultants did nothing I thought I had problems ....nice to know I'm not alone.....Hope they get their heads together and give you the help you MAY need good luck mate

Hi Moneal,

I am pleased that you are delighted with the service you got. I really am. On reflection though, doesn't it make you sad that it is such a unique experience for you that you have to post it. Good service should be available to everyone all the time, no matter who they are and where they live. I had a really bad experience last week with a GP and have had to implement the complaints procedure, which I regretfully did with a heavy heart. It had to be done though. Good experiences should be shared as well, because all doctors are not the same obviously, its usually the system that lets us down. What happened to you, is what is suppose to happen. Good luck with the blood test, and hope that everything is ok. Take care, huggs xx

Huggs you are right, it's a shame we are amazed by good service,

Glad they are taking such good care of you, moneal. x

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sounds like it is going the right way

Wow, excellent service Moneal. I've got to move soon so might just be heading your way! Which hospital are you connected to?

Lovely positive post btw :)

The Royal Devon and Exeter, I must say I always get good service from all the staff there.

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WOW now that's what I call service! The best of luck xxx

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very good service.i wish I could have your docters .I had to complain about mine. not very good service. which has made me very depressed.good luck.

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Yes that is excellent service,x

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