Well !!! what a wonderful response from all of you lovely people.

I now know why my Richard spent so much time on here. If the world was full of folk like you all what a wonderful world it would be.

Thank you all so much. I'm still finding my way round the site so please excuse my ignorance, but I will conquer it. I wish you all well, as I too know how you are all suffering, it is so hard to see your loved ones suffer.

Take care and love to you all xxx

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  • It's so lovely to hear from you please keep posting xx

  • Dear MrsKOTC

    Richard is still sorely missed and I cannot be the only who thinks of him and you often.

    You are doing fine with the site and always welcome.


  • Glad you had lots of great responses and hope you come on here when you can. Take care. xxxxxx

  • Nice to see you. xx

  • hugs to you mrs x

  • Hi Mrs Kotc how lovely to hear from you.Your wonderful Richard is hugely missed I learned alot and had a lot of respect for him,he was such a gentlemen and so very quick witted I laughed out loud at his jokes and quips.Somebody like your husband takes a lot of space without realising so the sense of loss is overwhelming,so completely understandable that you have struggled ,there are no wrongs and rights to how we grieve,hopefully time and the support of family and friends help you through it all a day at a time and hopefully you will be laughing as Richard would love you to do Im sure.Takecare of yourself and do hope we see lots more of you. :) Janexx

  • Hi Mrs KOTC Richard was a great person and was a very valued member of the site. He always had a good word for all of us and his jokes really cheered us up. He will always be missed by all those who knew and loved him. Take care. x

  • We are all delighted to see you here Patricia, Mrs KOTC, so relieved you are feeling able to come by for some company, a virtual cup of tea and a chat over a slice of cyber cake! The door is always open :) xxxxx huff xxxx

  • nice to see you here.

  • Hello Mrs. K.O.T.C. so glad you ventured in. Welcome. I hope you found it comforting to hear the high esteem your husband was held in by all here. I found a warm welcome here by Richard when I was scared and unhappy. Take care xx

  • Hello Mrs KOTC,

    Its very nice to see you here.

    Your husband was a fantastic man and made everyone feel welcome xxx

  • Nice to hear from you mrskotc. I'm glad we can still read Richard's jokes. :)

  • Hi,Patricia,good ,to see a message from you. I know you are coming out of that place you were in when I phoned you. Good luck in everything you do,and I like the tag,mrskotc..


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