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Pulling a chest muscle, can this make breathing worse!


just wondered, after decorating, started getting chest pains and my breathing feels worse, had to go to hospital GMED as my doc was not free for 3 weeks!! They said there was no sign of chest infection, but gave me antibiotics just in case!! Perhaps I had hypertension or anxiety she said? None the wiser. Thanks all

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You may have allergy to paint fumes, or the anti fungaside they use in wallpaper paste..X

I recently broke a rib and I was really surprised that it affected my breathing and I couldn't take my inhalers properly because it was so painful...my doctor said it would have been far better if I had broken a leg or arm....I told him I will make sure I do that next time (Oh I soooooo hope there will not be a next time!) :)

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Hehe Louisiana, I recommend staying away from any more broken bones...in my "professional" - or not so professional opinion. :P


Hope you start to feel better soon, my husband cant be doing with paint fumes at all. He ended up on antibiotics and steroids the last time he was near paint! Better to be safe than sorry! Sometimes with COPD etc. you are none the wiser - sometimes its just one of those things! Take care, TAD xx

Hi, perhaps you have a little virus knocking you off kilter too?

I'm sure pulling a muscle or any pain in the chest/rib/lung area would affect your breathing.

I'm not 100% at the moment! stupidly I sprayed the bath with Cif Bathroom cleaner and boy, can I feel it. Fume can really affect you . Take care. P

thanks, thought a water based paint would be okay, silly me! could be the dust too I guess. Did mention the painting at hospital. but it was dismissed!

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They should never dismiss paint as they put a preserver in most paints that has a known allergic reaction to some people.


I am just getting over some sore sore muscles in my chest and shoulder, and around my right ribs. Caused a major pain with each breath, continous throbbin pain. Seemed to ease if I kept the right up up, close to the body, and immobile. It would not heal on its own. Injury caused by hard work with a handpick for several hours.

It has taken Physiotherapy and application of heat packs is easing it and allow it to heal.

If it hurts to breath then you will tend to breath shallower which in turn means you get less air in which makes you short of breath and it goes on! Because you take a deeper breath but that then hurts!

If you pull a muscle it will contract making it painful which may on its own make breathing more difficult and as others have said could be the effects of crap in the paint.Hope you feel better soon.D.

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