I live here in St. Paul Minn. USA. Yesterday the last of the ice just finished melting on lake Superior. Now it is raining all the time.think this was the tropics not the frozen north. They say this is a healthy place to live, but we just had a awful winter (worst in years). not a good place to have breathing problems like copd. Seriously considering moving to a warmer place in the country so as no to be sick all the time.

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  • Humidity is my issue as well as barometer changes. I live in southern New York where we get a full four seasons. I just love joint pain and the from time to time difficulty in catching my breath. Perhaps one just has to cope with diseases and not hav an easy time with it. Sure wish I had a magic wand on some rough days.

  • I can definitely recommend La Jolla, California.

  • My daughter used to live in San Diego, I loved visiting her, I was never ill, the air is fantastic, would live there forever, you're soo lucky. Pauline xxx

  • No smog anymore?

  • My sister lives in Md (Maryland). When I used to visit there I found the humidity oppressive although I loved the country. I live in Hampshire on the south coast (UK) and find the sea air so good for my breathing.

  • Maryland is awful don't know how any one can live there

  • I have friends in Illinois and they have also had a terrible winter. I do wish you luck with finding somewhere nice and warm and maybe you could take advice from HuwieHex. Good luck to you and take care. xxxxx

  • I have lived in your country for some years and I couldn't cope with the humidity in the summers and I didn't have COPD then...I reckon it would kill me now....:) I would stick to where you are :)

  • Not bad for humidity in the west desert states but east and south get terrible in the summer

  • ooops meant to say I "used" to live in your country..I am home in England now.:)

  • I live in north west Scotland where we get a lot of rain I cant stand the humidity in summer because it is so boggy here we get midgies that spoil the summer here.Iprefer the winter months I know it is dark for most of the day but there is no humidity and idont get eaten alive with midges.

  • i live in north east england , this week we have had day time temperatures any where from12c to 22 c,from really bright sunshine to dull cloudy humid weather, there is just no consistencey :no wonder my breathing is all over the place

  • I have just joined this health unlocked site,I was diagnosed with copd about 2yrs ago,I am on 2 inhalers salmeterol twice a day and salamol as and when is needed,yesterday I was fine all day today I am breathless and really achey,I am really trying to get to grips with all this,i don't understand a lot of the jargen,I get so upset at the incontinence when I have a bad coughing fit,I hope I can learn things from this group,Thanks for having me .

  • Spaniel, Welcome. Somebody will come along and try to answer you. What I think is get in touch with your GP or make an appointment with your consultant to talk about this breathlessness.

    You can also call the helpline, open weekdays, from 10 till 1pm on this phone: 03000 030 555. They are experts in the field.

    Hope this get you some help.

  • hi helingmic had a really bad night last night,this morning my breathing was really bad phoned the help line,made a appointment with dr ,She has put me on sterroids.the help line were really helpful,Thanks for your advice

  • Hi Spanial and welcome. If there is any jargon you don't understand do just ask. Also have a look at the useful 'abbreviations' post pinned on the right of the page.

  • thanks monkey65

  • Hi Spanial, A very warm welcome to the group, and I can promise you that you will learn plenty from this forum. I joined just a few months ago, and have learned more from here than any doctor. Go with Mick's advice, phone the helpline at 10 a.m. on Monday morning where they will phone you back, talk as long as you want, can send you out lots of leaflets and guides and give you lots of advice. As Mick says, there is now an abbreviations list at the top of this page, its under pinned posts, so if you click on that hopefully that will help you with the jargon, which is daunting. As far as what happens when you have fits of coughing, try using panty pads which come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Good luck, and I hope you feel better soon. hugs xx

  • hi hugs thanks for your welcome,I have a supply of pads but when I am really bad they don't help,lately my coughing is really bad in the evening,

  • Hi spanial,

    Maybe you need your medication reviewed, especially your preventative inhalers. I have asthma and copd, and am on Seretide500mg, Ventolin and Spiriva inhalers. Good luck, and take care. hugs xx ps huggs is my user name, but I always sign off with hugs and xx

  • Hi Spanial Not sure how old you are but the incontinence could be prostate related.

    I had a slight problem myself 18 months ago, turned out that I had an enlarged

    prostate that was putting pressure on my bladder, particularly after exertion. This is VERY common amongst men over 50. After a few checks at the clinic

    they put me on Xatral - problem disappeared. Just a thought. Good Luck Adrian

  • hi beatles,thanks for responding,i went to the drs yesterday,she has put me on steroids,i have had 2 good days since being on them,i am female so I don't think its a prostate problem,just the fault of having kids I think,sorry Adrian,didnt see your name,mine is Helen

  • Whoops ! Sorry what an elementary error as

    Holmes would say to Watson. Sorry I have never given birth so not able to offer advice.

    Hope things improve for you. Best Wishes Adrian

  • hi hugs took your advice and phoned the help line as a result got medical help this morning,Im on sterroids as my breathing was so bad this morning,have had one coughingfit today.thanks for your advice

  • Hi spanial and welcome, I'm fairly new to. I agree with huggs I've learnt so much since I joined. There is always someone who will try and help and advise you. X

  • Thanks jparkway58,Its really good to think that there are people on here that can help,I have been feeling so alone with this condition,My Husband is good but doesn't understand fully how I feel

  • To all our American friends, welcome. it's nice to hear from you and your varied experience.

    I live along the Thames Estuary. My late father-in-law told me before we moved down here, that the wind can be pretty bracing. Yes, indeed, when it comes in winter, from the North, it comes straight from the Arctic! That's no joke, especially as my council flat is northerly exposed! I complained and had the sides of the windows mended, so the wind wouldn't seep and howl through! another good thing that happened was they replaced an antiquated boiler with a brand new one. That makes a whole difference.

    You have to try to improve your indoors, fi your outdoors is inclement!

    I hope you can find a suitable solution to live in a manner that helps your health. Good to hear from you all, God bless America! (and the UK too!) :-)

  • we live in

    minnesota in the U S, last winter it got down to 25 below zero F here. Here you make sure every thing is buttoned up tight, lots of insulation and a furnace there really works good because it gets a real work out in the winter. one nice nice about it though is normally the houses stay pretty nice in the summer without to much air conditioning mostly needed for humidity which can get nasty in august Summers usually are really nice with lots of outdoor activities many parks, trails, lakes etc, lots to do for sure

  • tvernstrom, I hope you take the opportunity to do Tai Chi in the park. I had a DVD by Bill Smart who taught Tai Chi and showed his movements in the park, accompanied with the song of a bird in the tree nearby!

  • Here in North West Englad it is alternately hot and humid and then raining this week, and my breathing is bad. we are used to the rain - but not the warmth and humidity. Looking forward to holidaying on the East coast soon , where I'm hoping it will br drier.

  • I do a little better in cool air than warm. I am stage 2 emphazema.Sorry for the spelling,lol. Anyhow I am in Wisconsin, so I know what you mean about the weather.

  • I always say copd cuz I can't spell either

  • Love wisconsin go that allot since we just live 15 miles from the border

  • I live in the south east corner of Alabama, USA and it's been in the mid 90's for the last 3-4 weeks. . . humidity is definitely a major part of our life. However, we are used to it as we've never lived anywhere else. I have heard of the weather out in Arizona, no humidity. Now that I have COPD, would really like to travel there, just to see and breathe the difference :)

  • I agree but I do not know if dry heat is good or bad I was in the army in your area and the humidity almost drove me nuts

  • Its Winter here in Brisbane, Australia (one of the reasons I left the UK was the terrible weather - but I guess you have all heard that criticism). Its a bit cool/cold at the moment with the wind coming straight from Antarctica with the temperature plunging to 11 degrees overnight and 19 degrees today (pretty cool for Brisbane). But with 21 June fast approaching, we will soon (about three months) back to Spring and Summer.

  • Hi, I live off the West Coast of Scotland, on an island which happens to be in the middle of the Gulf Stream, which is meant to mean it is always slightly warmer than the mainland. Yesterday was very hot, but the humidity was terrible( as it has been for the past 3 weeks, the humidity I mean). Last weekend it was pelting rain and we got flooded in several areas. As, in most parts of Scotland we can have the 4 seasons here in one day. We don't get a lot of snow, which is unfortunate for me as I love it. The main weather here is the rain and the wind. Gales are regular, but lovely to watch the sea when they arrive. Hi, to all our American friends, and hope you enjoy our group. We can all learn from each other. hugs xx

  • When I lived in America they used to ask me what I missed, other than my family and friends and I always said the weather! They all thought I was totally insane....but I loved our seasons and I never could get used to the extremes in the US....extremely cold in winter with indoor heating at tropical levels, and ever so extremely hot and humid in the summer with airconditioning in houses and shops at arctic degrees.....I lived in Chicago, New York City and upstate New those days England still did have 4 seasons, but we seem to be going down the "2" season route now...shame. I love being in England though. Just realised this has nothing to do with my lungs......I cant help myself sometimes, I just have to comment.....:)

  • I live about 500 miles n w of chicago. Chicago is like living in the old west so many shootings. The USA can be a very violent place that's for sure don't know about the rest of the world,maybe I'm just getting older and things bother me more

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