Hi I'm a newbie diagnosed with c o p d emphysema

Can anyone please help me to understand what is going on as I had xray's done which came back showing severe emphysema yet the spirometry test has concluded mild/moderate my doctor is now sending me for a CT scan which I have very shortly, I am 49 almost 50 and have also been diagnosed with Hashimoto's Hypothyroid at the same time, and as both are classed as an autoimmune disease does anyone know if one will affect the other? As you can imagine I'm feeling a little fragile at the moment it's a lot to take in all at once so any help other members can give would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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  • I care for my husband who suffers with severe COPD so do not really feel that I can give you any advise that could be of use but would like to welcome you. I would suggest you try the helpline (click on the red balloon) - the nurses will be able to give you some advise and explain why the tests and the xrays show different results and will be able send you great leaflets. Take good care, lots of love TAD xx ps my husband has had this for years and we trundle on!

  • I have COPD Emphysema too - can't give you advice, but thought I would mention I am a newbie to the group too, and I am listening and commenting far more than I ever imagined....and i bet you will too :) Good luck - you are bound to feel fragile for a while, but lots of people on here will help you with that.

  • I wish newbies and oldesters like myself would keep updating what treatment and medications work for them. I just read today in this site that Ibuprofen is being test to see if it helps with emphysema.

  • Confused! I thought COPD was the umbrella term for both emphysema and chronic bronchitis? So having copd and emphysema doesn't make sense to me. Or am I being thick? :) x

  • netdoctor.co.uk/diseases/fa... maybe explains a little coughalot, but im confused to,xxx

  • Glad it's not just me.. :d x

  • your are correct in that statement, both illnesses are under the same umbrella

  • It is possible and not that uncommon to have both diseases. Chronic Bronchitis is usually a viral disease that once you have it, you have it for life. Emphysema, appears to have an auto immune component. However, none of the research has been conclusive on any of it.

  • No you are right

  • Hi jayc64, me too diagnosed with severe emphysema after ct scan last week and moderate copd ??? Really confused so I am with you on this one :)

  • everydayhealth.com/copd/6-k... bit more hear bryju124 xxx

  • Thank you twice shy :)

  • I am the same diagnosis, with central sleep apnea for a chaser and a dash of some other things. For ther most part I smoke a lot and wrecked my upper lungs - the disease gets worst unlest kept in check with medication. Not a lovely way to die. No smoking, weight (BMI) must be in norms and excercise is a given along with drinkking more water than the diet soda that I was addicted to. Diabetese HBP & PAD all require the same treatment, just different medications.

  • HI Jay, whoops, I somehow managed to press the submit button before I hardly started and now I cannot seem to delete it! As I started to say, you have been given some links which may clarify the copd/emphysema situation.

    As far as Hosimoto's hypothyroid is concerned, it is usually easily treated. As you probably been told this condition causes your immune system to attack your thyroid gland, and the resulting inflammation causes the gland to become under active. The usual and effective treatment for this is thyroid hormone therapy.

    think when you get your ct scan results the picture will become much clearer for you and the doctor. Remember to ask any questions you have, and if you are confused ask again until you understand it I know it is a lot to take in and you have to go through the acceptance process in your own time and in your own way. This will be much easier when you are less confused. You can always contact the BLF nurses by clicking on the red balloon for the helpline number, and they will call you back. Try and not worry too much, which I fully realise is much easier said than done. I hope this gets sorted out soon for you. Until then, you can come on here at any time. Be good to yourself and take care. hugs xx

    ps I managed to delete my incomplete post!

  • Hi, i had the same problem trying to work it all out. I was told the scan/X-ray shows the extent of the spread of emphysema over your lungs and the spirometry shows the lung capacity.

  • Hi Jayc64, My name is Janet I work on the helpline at BLF. We offer advice on a number of Lung Conditions we have Leaflets also you could assess the information on our web pages blf.org .uk

    You could also call the helpline where we have Advisers on the line who can answer any queries you may have. Our number is 03000 030 555

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