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Been told I have copd

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Hi there just been told I have copd going for X-ray tomorrow very scared read that life expectancy is 5 years I need to lose weight as well I'm 49.

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if its 5 years then I must be chating to ghosts, you can live a long time with copd,we have members in there 80s with it,and im not going anywere yet,exercise and walk as much as you can,wait till your xrays and a scan to see what stage your at,and ring the blf up 10am 03000 030 555 were a nurse will talk to you,nice to have you with us, post any questions and members will do there best to advice you,ps if your smoking try to stop,xxx

I agree with twiceshy. You need to find out what your lung funtion is and what stage you are at. If you are mild or even moderate you should live much longer than 5 years. There are people here who are severe and have been for much longer than that too. You need to go back to your doctors/nurse to find out how bad your COPD is. Don't google indiscriminately as you will scare yourself silly. Stick to recognised sites like us at BLF and NHS. With a good diet, exercise and the proper meds you will probably live to a ripe old age. x

Hello - DONT PANIC its not anything like as bad as you think.

DO NOT use google any more it is too frightening! AND most of it is scare mongering.

You have every chance of living a full happy life - you will get older and slower - but we all will! If you look after yourself you can continue with life as it is.

I care for my husband who has severe COPD but it has taken over 15 years to get to this stage and lung function of 25% having said that he still works full time, we still have a great life just a bit slower than most!

Each patient is different, each patient has to become an expert patient by listening to their bodies, learning what triggers an exacerbation or makes you more breathless or starts the coughing and to keep asking the doctors. If you don't feel right go back to the GP - our lovely doctor agrees that my husband and I know more about his illness than she does.

If you have been diagnosed please talk to the BLF helpline and ask questions of your gp and nurses. If you think the medicines aren't helping go back and ask them to be changed. Come on here and ask questions. If you don't feel well ask for advise. These would be my top tips:-

1) Stop smoking - essential

2) Keep fit - ask for a referral to pulmonary rehab. from your doctor/nurse and keep asking!

3) Get a flu jab

4) Get a pneumonia jab

5) If you think you are starting with an infection - go to the doctors don't wait

6) Take your meds. If you are having side effects go back to the doctors, if they aren't working how you hoped - go back and ask. There are lots of meds available.

7) Listen to your own body and learn - you will know best


8) ENJOY YOUR LIFE - things may change and alter but they would anyway - enjoy each day. The good memories will keep you going when things aren't as good!

Take good care, TAD xx

PS RIng the BLF helpline - click on the red balloon in the corner, they have some fantastic leaflets

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Hi Hidden thank you for this interesting post , I was to worried when I found out I had COPD. This has been very helpful. Sheila.


Five years is a myth. I am 76 stage 4 lung function 24%. Still going a lot slower.

Take advice from doctors , if not done so stop smoking ASAP.

With regular excercise , sensible diet you will slow the progression of the condition.

And be here a long time , yes you have to get use to taking things slower, and doing things a different way. But it is not the end of the world.

er am I dead then . ive had it going on 15 years and that's only when they found out . don't read all that crap on internet . come on our site here get proper information . I am now 58 and just starting tests for lung transplant .but I know its easy to say but don't panic .any worries just call the blf

Firstly don't panic you have had some encouraging posts on here. I felt as if my world and life was about to end 18 months ago when diagnosed. My FEV1 was 32.5 still is. Mt stats are good. OK I get tired and sometimes feel like a child, going to bed when it is still daylight. I still work and keep active and do my exercises. I'm 71 years old and I sure want to reach that milestone 75 at least better still 80. Thinking of you today when you have your Xray. xx

Hello, agree with everything said already. Don't panic, keep as fit and positive as possible and you will join us oldies and look back as just part of life's ups and downs. good luck.

Listen to all those lovely people, I have had COPD for over 20 years lung function 26% sometime last year, and I hope I will still be around in 5years+.

Treat yourself well, no smoking, good diet and lots of exercise.

polly xx

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Hi pollyjj you are certainly doing well , when I found out I was completely baffled and it took me by surprise. Copd I had never heard of it, until 3 months ago. Thank you Sheila

5 years expectancy is rubbish for copd I have had it for about 10 years it is in the moderate to severe category but I still work, if you have a weight problem then that can affect your breathing, and if you get offered a pulmonary rehab course snatch it with both hands it will not only benefit you physically but you will learn so much about the condition.

Breathe well.

Hello Furzdale1, you have come to the right site, welcome. Obviously you have had a scare in respect of life expectancy with COPD. All the advice above is good and from fellow sufferers. I am like them still here after more than five years of the illness. That said the way forward for anyone newly diagnosed is get all the info you can and build up a good future care and management regime. There is no cure but with good care, healthy living and a little support from the medics. You can lead a fairly reasonable long life, but be prepared for poor illness sometimes and to lead life at a slower pace than others as your lung capacity is not as good. Sorry you have had such a shock, but you can get answers to your fears here or on the help line and everyone wants to be helpful, but all cases are different, myself I am only mild but it still affects some of my capability, but has remained stable for quite some time now. Hope you get your own case sorted out soon and on the way to a changed future. Good Luck hope to hear from you again on the site.

Hi, welcome to the forum.

As you can read above, it's not the death sentence some internet site would have you believe.

There was a great, encouraging reply by Bliss the other day telling us that with really looking after herself with exercise etc she's reduced her COPD from moderate to mild! I'm using her as my inspiration at the moment.

You need to sit yourself down and have a word with yourself about what you can do to help yourself. This site is excellent for that, keep looking in for news, advice and ask any questions you need to. Everyone's very generous with their care & support.

Let us know how you get on.

Please, if you smoke, stop today. All the best. Peeg

It really made my day to see all of the encouraging replies you received Furzdale. I haven't been on this site for a year and I am so glad to have re-found it. I can understand that you are scared. One step at a time. You will be fine.

If its mild and you lose Wight and dont smoke you have ever chance of living to a good age I was diegnosed 8 years ago gave up smoking do lots of exercise am beter now than was befor so dont panic

I have had COPD for 15 years and in all discussions I have had with professionals no one is able to put a life expectancy on it as it seems to affect us all differently. I would not worry about 5 years but concentrate on your condition and do all you can to be fit enough to handle it. Good luck

Was told I had less than 10 years, now on my 15th. You just try to take care of yourself, lose some weight, get a bike or treadmill and keep keeping on...

Don't believe everything you read. My father was diagnosed with airways disease, now know as COPD, in his early 40's. He still carried on smoking and lived until he was 70, when he finally passed away from an exacerbation and severe chest infection. Not all COPD patients are the same, but I think 5 years is not true because it would depend on which stage of the disease you're in and other things, so don't be too alarmed until you find out more.

But give up smoking first and foremost if you still smoke. My father was lucky to have lived until 70 considering he smoked.

I totally agree with twice shy I have COPD and have had it for the past 10-15 years plus I have a bronchiectasis which as the seasons go I used to get horrific chest infections note I said I used to. first you must get firm with your R nurse of doctor insist on seeing a respiratory doctor who in turn could refer you to a respiratory physio if he does neither of the things I suggested insist on them it is your right after the physio teaching me one or two tricks I lead a fairly normal life I admit walking is difficult at times but we all have good days and bad so as Spock was want to say "Live long and prosper" and that is my motto as well

I have had COPD for years approx 30 so who ever told you that? If you look on this site loads had it a long time so chin up :)

Wow, I hope not! I have COPD and was diagnosed 8 years ago..:) Try not to be frightened, although at first it is a bit scary, but am sure everyone will be to speak to the BLF nurses, etc......try and be really really positive and stop smoking if you still smoke ...good luck. :)

We all say the same thing, I am severe emphysema and have had this condition for several years, my health improved when I gave up smoking and took lots of exercise, ask your GP about doing a Pulmonary Rehab course which I found very helpful, I do get breathless but can still do most things but slower, I am 63 and hope to still be around in 20 years, it is a slow progressing decease as long as we manage it well ourselves, good luck and don't forget there is lots of support on this site if you need to.

Jude x

I have moderate COPD and use spiriva & advair no need for a nebulizer. Daily activity is not a problem. Strong exertion leaves me out of breath that takes me 2 - 3 min to get my breath back. I also have central sleep apnea and use an oxygen extracter into my BIPAP machine. My issue is I stop breathing - I still need to loose 50LBS. I have diabetese, HBP and PAD - (mainly in my legs - but stents seem to be adequate). I feel like I can live a lot more than 5 years. I am 67 and wish you well. I think excercise is the key for all of us.

I wanted to add but needed to think of an appropriate wording. "Have a strong libido and use it"

Oh dear Google can be very dangerous I was diagnosed 10 years ago I stopped smoking with the help of a quit clinic and champix had yearly flu injections lost weight and kept away from people with flu. I'm now level 4 purely and simply because I got flu and couldn't get to see my GP for meds and I have had lots of flair ups this year.

We are always on this site if you need help have a look if you have a breath easy group in your area I'm sure you will be fine

Thank you all for the support and advice ,which I will follow I guess it was such a shock and the dr didn't explain things to me so I used google what a mistake . However I found this site which is brilliant and so many nice people who are going through similar things . All I know about my diagnosis is significant obstructive defect was on my X-ray request thank you all again

DO NOT PANIC !!!!! Nearly all of us here have that blasted nuisance of a complaint but you are not dying so pick yourself up follow the instructions and keep going .... BIG hug xxx

ive just been diagnosed with copd december of this year went through scan xray was told by consultant that i had copd but havent been given meds does anyone know why this is

Hi good advice given below , you can scare yourself if you read up on internet. NHS best site to refer to, I was told by nurse. Hi I am Sheila just been told I have COPD ALSO. S o just getting used to the idea. x

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