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CT Scan

Hi wondering if anyone can enlighten me plz I had a CT Scan on 8/5/14, suspected kidney stones, my consultant only just got results back on 6/6/14, his PA called on the 6/6/14 to advise consultant looked at results and will be attending meeting today 12/6/14, to discuss what they will do next I still don't know outcome of my ct scan, if it's just kidney stones why does my doctor need to discuss this in a meeting and why am I being palmed off when I ask the results of the scan, could it be something other than kidney stones they have found, has anyone else had a similar experience thanks

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Hi,Jules I had ct pet scan on my kidney last week,The consultants have a meeting to discuss what the next step will be..I have a cyst or lump showing and I have been told they will have a meeting to see what the best treatment will be for individual patients.I was worried in case it was something sinister, but was told by nurses this is what they do. Try not to worry too much,,Have you got copd as well ..Take care Laura


Hi Porche296, thanks for letting me know this


Hi, welcome to the forum. Sorry I can't help though. P


Don't think you are being 'palmed off' - it is not the PA's remit to discuss the results of a scan. Please try not to get ahead of yourself re the results - I would think the meeting to decide treatment would be quite normal procedure. Hope you get sorted soon - please let us know how you get on. cx


Thanks will do


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