Breathing techniques for asthma

Wondering about the success of breathing techniques in helping with asthma. I haven't spoken to my doctor about this yet as I've just recently been discussing it with some people. Is it possible to completely manage asthma with just breathing technique and no preventer or reliever and what are peoples' experiences with this? :) Thanks very much for all advice and terribly sorry for the influx of posts lately!!

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  • Interesting question....I have both asthma and copd. Sometimes think that SOME of my breathlessness is caused by chronic(long-term ) hyperventilation and this is an area worth looking at. Would like to know if there's some kind of bio-feedback device to help monitor/control the breathing better...apart from me that is!

  • It's definitely an interesting topic, isn't it? :) I know some people have had a lot of success with different breathing techniques in managing their asthma..just wondering if it's worth discussing it with my doctor.

  • I was asthmatic for many years and I always sat and leaned slightly forward to expand the lungs out when in attack mode. And I think the best thing is not to panic breath? Make deliberate slow deep in and out breathing pattern to stop the panting/panic effect. My consultant said that a lot of the problems are because people panic with their attacks (easier said than done)

    My condition has change now and my problem is just getting enough O2 in when I need it past rest.

    Hope that little snippet helps.

    Be Well

  • Hi, I did a Buteyko breathing course many years ago and I have just started doing the exercises again....the courses are very expensive now though. It definitely helped my asthma, but I had a long term underlying infection so I still had symptoms. I hope I have more success this time...the aim of buteyko is to increase Co2 levels so it may not be suitable for everyone I think

  • I think a lot would depend on how severe your asthma was. If it was mild then it could possibly be controlled by good breathing techniques but not if it was severe or brittle asthma. Worth looking into. x

  • Thank you so much for all your helpful advice, it's fascinating reading! :) And I'm definitely thinking if having a chat with my doctor about it at least to see if it could make any improvement at all? I think it's worth a mention. It would be wonderful to be able to cut back on the medicines I'm putting into my body, but I'll have to see if it's possible for me or not. And Offcut, that was some very helpful advice, thanks! I must admit, I do still tend to panic, so that's definitely something I can work on. :)

  • I did Hatha (Breath) Yoga many years ago and it has helped me through lots of bad times. It helps you not to panic and to manage your breath until the attack subsides, it also helps you keep supple and is a very gentle from of Yoga.

    Good luck. x

  • I don't see why you feel it necessary to talk it over with your doctor. Plenty on BLF site to get you started and You Tube....give it a go. I still take my preventers but my reliever, which I was using eight or ten times a day stays with me at all times but very rarely used unless I have an infection or go into an area where there is something air borne that affects me, chemicals, perfume would be silly to try there because you will just overload yourself. Try , closed mouth, breath in normally through your nose, and out through pursed lips as if whistling. That easy technique will get you through most situations. Trouble with inhalers, is that you have to inhale through your mouth,,,,that sets you off breathing the wrong way and so after taking them, spend a few minutes breathing in through the nose. The reason you breath in through the nose is that the blood vessels air condition the air to body temperature and the little hairs in your nose, filter out dust, pollen germs etc.

  • Thank you for the information!! :D I've been doing a lot of research the last couple days and have found heaps of information on different techniques, and already started practising lol. Hoping to see some improvement! :D

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