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Dozy digs Dall05!

Dozy digs Dall05!

I'm late, I'm late for a very important date.

Last week I was early, but now I'm late.

I meant to wish you all the best

but have just found you have done a personal one.

Tony you are my hero, my inspiration and idol.

so next time you go for the stroll

I will be behind you (on my wagon) with a big stick

to poke you with to do the last few meters.

Scrobbs said you had to mutter Levi because they are 500s.

My hubby wears 575s because he can't manage buttons.

So you next target is ...............

Seriously big congratulations xxxxxx D :) xxxxxxxx

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Hi DD, Thanks for that, its nice to be a digged hero :) Man!!

This 6 minute walk helped me get that new personal best and it also gives me a laugh watching it back. It seems as though exercise does actually work. :)

Tony xxxxxx


I think I must be the only dormouse in the world not on Facebook D :)


Try this one I put on you tube broadcast yourself, the musics different but its just as crazy. :)

It all helps towards breaking that 500 meter barrier don't it. Tony xxx

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Reply no means DozyDormouse...I'm right there (or NOT) with you.. Feel a bit unsure about the privacy side of things and how it might work. If I lived closer to Techno Tony (aka Dall !) I would like to grab me some free tuition cos it's not the same when folk try and explain things :)

Lovelight x


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