"Bedroom tax has been abolished"

"Bedroom tax has been abolished"

A friend of mine put this on Facebook. I can't show the picture of the form unfortunately but thought it worth posting in case it helps anyone. (Method found to do it!)

"Bedroom Tax has been abolished!! get one of these forms and date it 1st April you will get all your payments back! council are not telling anyone so they can continue to take payments! GO GET ONE ASAP! and please pass this on! thanks "

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  • this is wonderful - have two friends that have had their housing benefit reduced, even though they need the 2nd bedroom for wheelchairs, etc.....

  • They ought to appeal. If there's any way I can help, please let me know.

    We were recently in High Court over bedroom tax... you can see one of the newspaper articles here:


  • thank you ever so much - it was kind of you to put it out for all to see, even if it is only for Scotland, I'm sure there are some Scots people in the group :)....perhaps it MIGHT reach England.....ho hum ho hum.

  • It,s in Scotland only, if you read the details on the FB post it does explain this :( sorry!!

  • Sorry folks - just glanced at form and didn't notice "Fife" - I don't have a bedroom tax situation but just remembered there was a lot of upset about it at the time. Only trying to help ...


  • I think all councils are allowed some discretionary payments by government .... worth asking. Councils aren't given much though and so can't help everyone who has had the bedroom tax cut .

  • Isn't 1st April, April Fools Day?

  • Council warns people about scam ‘bedroom tax’ email thestar.co.uk/news/local/co...

  • Thanks Ian123 and WestWalesPaul.

    I normally check email warnings but was so pleased that I might be passing on helpful information to people in difficult circumstances that it never occurred to me to check if it was a scam.

    I'll tell my friend!

  • There is also a scam email saying Bedroom Tax has been abolished & which must not be opened. It has a virus in it.


  • See above reply to Ian123!

  • ITS only Scotland abolishing the bed tax sadly

  • I don't think its actually abolished in Scotland. That would require an act of Parliament.

    My understanding is that Westminster have given the Scottish Govt permission to 'mitigate' it, by allowing them to give Discretionary Housing Payments to everyone. As far as I know, this hasn't actually been finalised yet.

    The whole bedroom tax thing is very, very wrong. If there were smaller properties available, maybe it could work. But as things stand, well...

    Have a look at our story in my post above.

  • We're do you get the form the housing or council?

  • How do i get one of these forms

  • Can i get one of these DHP forms sent out to me and what is it i have to do in filling it in properly

  • Im a single Man whose suffering with a mental health disability and id like to know how to be able to fill in one these DHP forms properly in claiming my own payments back

  • axelman90 - I'm sorry but I really don't know. Your local council or Citizen's Advice should be able to assist. Good luck with it - hope you get it sorted.

  • Thanks

  • Were do you get the form's from

  • Try Citizen's Advice. I have absolutely no knowledge about this subject, sorry.

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