Ibuprofen and Emphysema

This article appears recently.......has anyone received more information:-

Temple University Hospital is participating in a multi-site, nationwide phase II clinical trial that is testing whether ibuprofen can reverse the effects of emphysema. Temple is one of only three medical centers in the country, and the only one in the Philadelphia region, chosen to take part in the three-year, $4.4 million study funded by the National Institutes of Health’s National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.

“This trial is investigating whether a common over-the-counter, non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drug can provide a novel treatment for emphysema,” said Gerard J. Criner, MD, Director of the Temple Lung Center, and local principal investigator of the trial. “Emphysema is a devastating type of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) that results when lung damage exceeds the ability of the lung to repair itself. It has long been thought to be irreversible, but if this treatment is successful, it could restore lost lung function and change the course of treatment for millions of Americans living with emphysema.”

The trial – called Prostaglandin Inhibition for Emphysema (PIE) – will determine if taking ibuprofen can block the production of prostaglandin E (PGE) in the lower respiratory tract. Recent evidence indicates that repair processes present in the normal lung are diminished in COPD, due in part to increased levels of PGE. Ibuprofen is known to block the production of prostaglandins elsewhere in the body, and this study will determine if it can block them in the lung.

Participants in the randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled study will be assigned to receive either ibuprofen 600 mg three times daily, or a placebo. Researchers will then measure participants’ lung inflammation, in addition to using biochemical techniques to determine the extent of lung repair that occurs. The researchers will also compare previous CT scans and pulmonary function tests with results obtained before and after treatment.

The results of patients who received ibuprofen will be compared to those that receive the placebo. The measure of success for the trial will be whether the patients who receive ibuprofen have improvement in lung function and improvement in the lung’s ability to repair itself.

A total of 140 patients will be enrolled in the trial across the three participating centers. If the study proves to be successful, researchers will seek approval to conduct a larger clinical study in patients.

“This trial serves to expand the wide variety of investigative and currently available clinical options at Temple for patients with COPD, the third leading cause of death in the United States,” added Dr. Criner. “We are pleased to be one of only three centers in the nation able to offer this trial to patients, and are excited about the potential that this novel approach may hold for the future of COPD treatment.”

According to the National Emphysema Foundation, an estimated 3.1 million Americans have been diagnosed with emphysema and nearly 12 million adults have been estimated to have COPD. They are related lung conditions that are caused by several factors, including cigarette smoking. In emphysema, lung tissue is destroyed, making it more difficult to get air into and out of the lungs.

Temple is currently screening and enrolling patients in this trial. Interested individuals may contact Taylor Kenney, administrative specialist, at 215-707-8113 for more information.

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  • That's interesting Martin. thanks for posting. x

  • hope it doesn't take too many years to find out the results :)

  • Thanks, interesting. As an asthmatic though we cannot take ibuprofen and personally speaking it would kill off my stomach.

    I hope for others with emphysema it will be good news in the future. P

  • Thanks, Martin. Let's hope something comes of it.

  • A very interesting article martin1945 with the many phenotypes under the COPD umbrella my fear is it will not help all cases but still better than nothing.

    Thanks for sharing

  • As an emphysema sufferer it's very interesting but like most COPD sufferers there is normally other conditions that the suffer also has and what affect will the Ibuprofen have on the other organs but then every step forward is better than a step back !!!!

  • Would be great if it works. Although people with kidney disease would not benefit from this, as ibprofen is a no no, but for everyone that can I pray it helps.

  • Thanks Martin for posting that article ..I for one would be really grateful if you could post up any results of the trial you hear of.

    I do have emphysema among my list of lung conditions,so anything like this that works would be great

    Thanks again

  • First time i took Ibrophen I proved to be allergic. I got pneumonia from the reaction which in turned damaged my lungs and led indirectly to emphysema. I won't be applying to take part!

  • Interesting. I only have emphysema as a lung problem ( although very severe ) so I will see what the trials say.

  • pulmonary.templehealth.org/... other hear puff,xxx

  • Thanks TS. :) x x

  • Hi puffthe magic dragon, I recently was told after ct that I have severe emphysema ( also told I had moderate copd ??? New nurse to resp dept) I just seemed to have suddenly deteriorated and have had a couple of severe panic attacks to boot which really scared me. Read a lot on internet scared me more however love this site as it is so balancing, any advice please would be welcome . :)

  • Most call me Puff ! :) Is your phlegm a bit green, even ever so slightly ?

    Moderate COPD would be Stage 2 and severe emphysema would be Stage 3. New nurse to respiratory you say ? Perhaps they should be told to read here as part of their training ! :)

  • Hi Puff, yes it is green (horrible stuff) I have told her about this site :)

  • That normally indicates in infection. You should ask your doc for antibiotics like Doxycycline and also some steroids, normally Prednisolone .

    This may explain the " suddenly deteriorated " bit.

  • I have been taking it for about 3 years 600 mg thr33 times a day. It is not a wonder drug but seems to help. My breathing stats are better now than 3 years ago I am no longer on O2 and have much more tolerance for activity My CT scans remain unchanged.

  • Sorry can't read all that but I'm sure I've heard that Ibrufen is a terrible drug with side effects......so which is the least of the poison.

  • Wasting money on trials that are old hat,maybe more sensible progress would be to. Allow people to have new inhalors that have come on the market,it's all out there BUT we cannot get our hands on it,Make that easier for people to access these inhalors via medical centres, it will cut down on hospital visits.....COMMON SENSE. That's wjhats needed,surgeries to have a copd nurse full time.at moment none!!!

  • There is an inhalor came out February this year,it supposed to reverse the fact that 2chemicals that cause lungs detereation is stopped. But cannot get to try it or anything else sooooooooo limited and short of money at docs,WE don't stand a chance of getting well,so WE don't benefit from all these new trials and medicine.....Maybe go Private,more of a chance?

  • bing.com/search?q=the+relva... is it this inhaler colours xxx

  • drugs.com/clinical_trials/v... its been mentioned on hear before but I think due to money being withdrawn by sponsors its been put on hold,xxx trials wernt completed due to sponsors pulling out,xxx

  • I cannot take ibuprofen or use anti inflammatory creams as they affect my breathing.

  • Twiceshy3...........the new drug is an inhalor..RPL 554.reverse the effects of copd. Came out February 2014. On the NHS.

  • Oh, it's already available on the NHS?

    I understood it wasn't yet approved by NICE ......... is it - have I missed something?

  • Maybe ,not sure of that,but keep me informed please,as I want something that helps me have a normal life NOW! So what would nice be waiting for???to release the inhalor do you know?

  • bioportfolio.com/news/artic... my understanding colours its been put on hold because of sponsor money, sad ,xxx ive looked on the web,

  • iii.co.uk/news-opinion/laur... just loads of chat but theres no inhaler as yet due to money problems,xxx

  • Twiceshy3.........tap in Oxyfit and tap on oxygen for copd, there is the new inhalor I think that's the one ...24hr easy to use .

  • I've been taking ibuprofen for years for for knee pain and have had no side effects at all. only take 200mgs a day, not alot. But in 5 years(I was tested for copd , found to have it) I seem to have gotten better, no longer short of breath, or on any medications at all. So who know I guess? I am 68 and smoked for many many years.

  • Thanx

  • I've read abit of it,very interesting shall read more later.thanx

  • Due to money problems ...no inhalor,bloody cheek,so why bother to make it when you can't get it!!! I want to go private when it comes to inhalors,we cannot get what we need to maintain quality of life without anti bs n steroids,which I cannot take.i don't get infections ,just get ill as I need an inhalor to get me through the day ,

  • You can Ibrufen over the counter,I can try them,so why wait for a study? Don't know?i think I'll get some. But what I've read about them I s awful.they are for muscle pain,if tvernstrom can breathe well they may work,how long before they work?

  • I do take it for O.A. pain in joints, but was told just to use in moderation which I do because these medications of any type make me nervous. IE, I took lipitour but it made me very ill so I dropped it. I take ibrufen for pain ,but if it will work for copd also then praise God, for sure. It isn't expensive so why not give it a try in smaller doses.

  • Unfortunately Ibuprofen makes my copd and emphysema breathing worse

  • I have mild industrial emphysema. When I have a bad day and struggle to breathe,my lungs burn,my heart races and I feel helpless.

    I take over the counter Ibuprofen. It is a miracle!!Helps more than a breathing treatment! I am definitely a believer!

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