How do l keep the house clean?

That does sound kinda daft l know, but am allergic to house dust as well as several other articles!so just for curiosity when it came for me to hoover the bed,,yes l hoover the bed occasionally anyway l did a peak flow before and it was 260 after hoovering the bed WITH a mask on and the window open and doing some relaxation breathing afterwards then did my peak flow was 220...not good!!! how do l keep the house clean when l cannot even hoover without pretty extreme changes in my breathing.

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I am unable to keep my house clean, so I pay someone to do it for me. HTH.

Hi Sue

the changes may be due to the physical exertion. I wipe surfaces with a damp cloth as much as I can especially skirting boards and ledges. you could get a small vacuum one for upstairs and one for down that way you will not have to carry it up and down stairs. may be you could get a friend to do it for you and in return you could cook a meal or something similar. any way at least it will keep you fit!! best wishes Irene

The warm exhaust fumes from my vacuum cleaner (with a hepa-filter) knock me out so much that I now dread having to use it. It's open the windows and do it in short burst for me, or more often just give it a miss !

I have a Two vacs, one upstairs (the smallest Dyson City, it's utterly brilliant) and one downstairs. I try not to leave it so avoiding a marathon session.

I empty the dust holders after every use into a plastic bag held tightly closed to eliminate the dust escape then I splash drops of water onto the dust.

I use perfume free gentle Huggies baby wipes for all the wiping, dusting & cleaning (dog hair ugh).

I'm a lazy moo, I hate cleaning but I do like a clean house, it makes me feel good.


Hi Sue930, I understand I suffer this way too. Masks do not work according to my asthma nurse so I have not tried them. Before I used to damp clean and the mattress and bed were always vacummed weekly, I suffer badly from dustmite allergy. Now I cannot do housework so I have a wonderful cleaner it costs me £10 per hour and my home has never been so free of dust and better still I do not suffer with as many allergies. You do not need the cleaner weekly just fortnightly would do, and if you struggle to afford more than 1 hour ask her to clean your bedroom and maybe your lounge too. That will help you. If you are afraid of having a stranger in your home, do not be. Get in touch with some agencies in your area and their cleaners are vetted very well. If you do not like them the agency will give you someone else. My first cleaner was lazy but this one is an Angel. Best of luck and I do hope you go for it. Maximonkey

Hi I agree with you, hire someone. Get rid of all rugs, curtains stuffed furniture etc. I am not a rich women but the first bill I pay is the housekeeping. Ask around lots of people that are good people are out of work. I found a young man 34, with a nervous disorder in public that keeps him from a regular job. He had never cleaned house for someone, this TT turned out to be a good thing. He we was happy to learn my way. I don't have to pay agency rates in Massachusetts 10.00 per hour. He likes the flexibility and is now working for several people since I can only afford about 8 hours a week, but since he has no previous ideas on what to do he cleans just what I can't. I think when you breath this bad you have to know when to stop killing yourself and except.. My energy is better spent on what I can do

I vac downstairs a lot more than upstairs because lifting the vac upstairs is so bad for my breathing. Once we move to our smaller house I might be able get a small one for upstairs too.

Hi Offcut you can come and hover my down stairs I live in a bungalow lol

maybe that is what I should of bought?

Years ago i got rid of my rugs, curtains, books, nicknacs and replaced with slippers, window blinds, bought a kindle, air purifyer, and loads of plants. Every little bit helpes to cut down on housework.

I am heading this way too, getting rid of all I can and replacing with plants. maurine can I ask if you did eventually use the hydrogen peroxide ?.. I will trying it soon in my sinus rinse and neb.


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