Well i never : antibiotics diarhea a know its to much information but really know one told me about that

Am going for my ultra sound scan on my guts tomorrow or is in abit and i noticed after going toilet for number 2 after cleaning myself up a lump and is quite painfull.

As my post title say's dont lung diease just get better its bad enough taking antibiotics BUT know one told me about antibiotic diaarhea.

Its not a nice subject and defo is not nice suffering it .., but would

of been nice to have heads up from my doc.

Am not overly proud as am guna have to go and see my doc LIKE REALLY but as needs must and he never told me ... i must

Am sure its just over use or its medical term .. antibiotic diarhea

Now am guna have to get some antibiotic cream and some wet wipes ... Tried all usual trickes soaking it in warm salt bath .

And it dont work .. So yet again am going to have to grit my teeth and go docs .. I was only there yesterday over bad reaction to nebuliser fluid over the weekend . nearly hospitalised me.

But really you could not make it up even if you tried .. so my advice is if ya going on regular antibiotics make sure you use wet wipes

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That's helpful advice Daz, not everyone is affected like that but it is a know side effect of antibiotics. So wet wipes at the ready just in case.Hope your improving, some antibiotics are worse than others by the way, best to let your doctor know so he can try a different one that might be better for you. Less running, which is not good for the chest either.

Yes and probiotics - yoghurts, tablets whatever. Sometimes it helps to make sure you eat when you take them, not always! Good luck. TAD xx

Hi cheers yer have been eating well and yogurts .. its just one thing after other really wears you down

It is definitely the one thing after another for you. You must be bloody sick of it! Ah well no choice onwards and upwards!!! xx

It is well known that diarrhoea is a common side effect of many antibiotics, and other medications. Certainly it has been the case for me. When Dazisnotsogood got his medication there would almost certainly have been a Patient Information Leaflet included with it and a section of that leaflet would have identified possible side effects. Perhaps he is just someone who is more content at looking at a glass which is half empty rather than one which is half full.

Hi huwiehex yer done my fair share of reading .. stoped reading information leaflets when thay start going on about heart problems cardiac arrest stuff like that is to much info

You said originally that you were not given any information. Now you say that you were given too much information.

Sorry to say Ab's are well known for that side effect. They after all a poison!

Hi offcuts yer went out weekend .. Thought yer ad have blow out as weathers been good .. defo not the blow out i had in mind .. cheers :)

Daz you must be feeling really uncomfortable, try some soothing ointment for piles, it could ease your dis-comfort!

Good luck with the Ultra sound scan, sending hugs, huff xxxx

Hi hufferpuffer yer its defo not recommended every time a cough is quite painfull

A dont usually do stuff by half but this is defo one a should of read about or taken noteb

Pete always uses wet wipes and has had piles too every so often. He takes Doxy on a daily basis and Cipro when he has a chest infection. They do tend to cause upset stomachs and probiotics can help balance out that effect if you take ab's long term. Good luck to you Daz and hope the doc can be of some help for a change. Let us know how things go. Thinking of you. Take care. xxxxxx

Cheers sassy59 defo know how pete must feel even dont like to cough .. yer scan went good when i accommodated my pille to felt bit odd as it was full of pregnant women

Take care Daz and glad scan went well. xxxxx

patient.co.uk/health/piles-... bit of info hear dazisnotsogood,hope your better soonxxx

Hi twiceshy3 just one i did not want to see my post lol

Cant have you thinking am defective :)) for obv ression

But yer cheers hope is a you is ok and had good weekend x

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