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Bets are on, How far will I cover on my 6 minute walk test at the transplant clinic tomorrow?

so far I've covered 2 x 408 meters, 485 meters 495 meters 490 meters, 480 meters, all have been done off oxygen and sats normally drop down into the high 60s.

Every time I go I joke with the nurse saying this is the one where I break that 500 meter barrier but it does seem just out of my reach, as ever the eternal optimist in me is saying tomorrow will be the day. :)

come on dall you can do it!!!

(you'll just have to imagine 500 meters as 500 miles may have to come after transplant)

Tony :)

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Hi Tony, I am with you all the way. Tomorrow is the day you will do it --positive thinking, and you have come so near to your target before, so I am rooting for you tomorrow. I will be looking for your post to tell us you have done it. I have no idea how they do it at the transplant clinic, I mean do you have to go flat out or take a nice steady pace? If you are allowed to pace yourself then you will do it. Big hugs for tomorrow and all the best. hugs xxx

Hi Huggs, you choose your own pace and go as far as you can in 6 minutes. I've always done my 6 minute walks without oxygen so that's how I do them now so I can compare how I am with other results.

Thanks for the encouragement, with luck and a good tail wind hopefully I'll post 500 meters tomorrow. :)

Tony xx

If you just keep mantra-ing Levi's, I reckon you will do 501. My suggestion for a tail wind would be beans on toast for lunch ................. there's always one to lower the tone ;) With you all the way :) xxx

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Good luck , Good speed . May the wind be with you .

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Good luck. Keep us posted. Smash that record.

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Go for it Dall - if anyone can, you can! TAD xx

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Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony,

Go for it, do your best it is always good to have a goal to reach.

Fingers crossed

polly xx

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Go Tony!

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I am impressed. Maybe sing the song in your head "I will walk 500 miles" Na ne Na ;)

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Can't wait to get the results!

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Will have both fingers and toes crossed for you, after all the hard work you have done, keep positive.xx

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It is a given. With this much support you will not dare stop until you break the tape! May all the luck you need be with you. xx

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GO DALL GO you can do it. Just imagine you are down the wing fir Hereford football club


Good luck Tony I'm sure you will smash it just think of us lot on hear do a meter for each one of us.

Good luck mate!

Hi Nicosn, If you look at todays Posts, you will see Tony has passed. The Post you have replied to is from 4 years ago.

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Wow!....I'm really sorry-I didn't see the date at all. I recieved it this morning like I do every morning....Im pretty useless at this. I'm really sorry.


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It happens, we all make errors, I have done this myself, since then, I always look for Time date etc, even on my Home FB page. Take care. Xxx

Thank you....take care 😊

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