Blue Badge Awarded-Yippee

After my 2nd recent assessment, then appeal refusal and told not to re-apply for a blue badge until at least November. I went to the press (see link and wrote to the Head of Adult Services at Durham County Council. I received a telephone call this morning from Mr Pattinson (Head of Services for DCC) apologising and after reviewing my case have overturned their previous decision. So once the paper work is sorted i should be a holder of a Blue Badge, which is going to have a major influence on my independence. YIPPEE !!! (though I should not have to go through this rigmarole to get one in the first place !!)

It pays, not to just accept things and if you feel aggrieved you should question things.!!

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  • Sorry Just seen link I posted doesn't work try this one if interested !!!!


  • Well done for not giving up. Should make life a bit easier for you.

  • Brilliant well done, it does make huge difference when you go out.

    Kim xxxx

  • Good for you not giving up, I bet none of the people who award these blue badges need one themselves, maybe we should all apply for jobs with them.

    polly xx

  • Yippee! well done for not giving up....personally i wouldn't be able to do much of anything without mine. Hope you enjoy your new freedom :)

  • Blooming good for you. How dare they refuse you twice. Congratulations, a great reward for your perseverance. P

  • Well done. summer is here what are your plans? Go out there and explore. Seriously it will make a great difference to your life. I was turned down. Just to go the the Doctors is a pain. They only have 2 parking places, always full so I have a long walk. Your determination has been rewarded and rightly deserved xx

  • Hi well done for getting there in the end I think they need to do some staff training!!!!! It should not take all that stress to get a blue badge. Now you will have the challenge of working out do I have to pay or not. some authorities charge weather you have a blue badge or not, some you have to park in certain bays to qualify for free parking in others you may need to have a tax exempt vehicle. Oh Well at least it is easier at the supermarket now!

  • Good result. :)

  • Oh well done. Just shows how effective the air of publicity can be doesn't it? x

  • We'll done so pleased for you. I might have to do the same with regards to my being bullied by my X and his daughter.

  • Thats shocking Towse It must be hard for you and easy for me to say but regardless of your fears you have to grab the bull (or B*******D) by the horns and show them it's not gonna work, ignoring it is just gonna give them a feeling of control... Like I said it's easy for me to say but I dealt with a lot of bullying when I used to coach rugby to teenagers... Be strong X

  • Brilliant!! Well worth the effort. TAD XX

  • Way to go, Tony - fantastic :)

  • Brilliant news Plumbob, as you have found persistence can pay off. But appreciate what you say about not having to go through this rigmarole. Happy motoring when your card arrives.

  • Congrats so pleased for you. X

  • Well done I'm so pleased you got a BB I know people who drive around in a car brought by DLA parks in disabled car spaces without the owner of the badge

  • Insperational plumbob asbestos suffer .. Get raw deal already from athourtys .. turning you down was a disgrace in the first place

    Well done :)

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