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IPF research hope, and how the BLF supports young lung researchers

Hi all,

I thought you might be interested to read a couple of blogs we've written in the last week about lung research.

At the end of last month we sent 12 of the UK's brightest young lung researchers to an international respiratory conference to present their work and gain vital experience. These really are tomorrow's lung research leaders - read about how we're supporting them here -

Also at the ATS conference, we saw some really encouraging pieces of research into IPF treatment announced. Read about them here -

I hope you find them interesting!

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Hello Kevin, I suffer with Bronchiectasis and taking Ventalin and Saline inhaler around three times a day. I have never smoked in my life, but the consultant thinks I may have got it from Acid reflux in my stomach, I had an operation to repair the valve in 2008 and 2012, but the damge to my lungs only started about a year ago . I am still coughing ang bringing up sputum /Mucus, there there anything you could recommend to reduce this, I go swimming every day and use a Flutter to release the mucus , I am going away soon and wont be taking my Nebuliser, is there any tablets that will do a similar job .




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