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My mum had a stroke in January, and now is in a secure care home for dementia suffers. Being a person who did not want a computer or fancy phones, she had a contacts book. We have been able to contact all her friends and associates to advise new address and what has happened, she was organised and all appointments were in a diary so we were able to cancel them.

Now this got me thinking, would people know who to contact if something happened to me? My contacts are either in my phone or on my computer. And even then you still would not know who was a close friend and who was not. So I have sat down and started a contacts book. Including all online close friends.

Have you got a contacts book?

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yes, my "address book" is a real handwritten address son told me not to be so silly, as he has all of his contacts on his phone , but I did ask what would happen if he lost his phone.....I have always used address books and birthday books....and I have marked the ones to be contacted when I die, and the ones that are closest to me (most of whom are dead now, sadly) ...I have also left a few personal notes in sealed addressed envelopes to some of them to be posted after I have really made me feel much less stressed after I had done all of this, and I want my friends to know how much they have meant to me. :)

I don't have this but it is such a good idea am going to start one. x

I too, only have an address book. I think I will do a separate, smaller book for people who should be contacted first. I should add that I have made arrangements for my wishes for my lovely Felix, should something happen to me, but no one else!! The vet even has it down on the computer, just so that there are no misunderstandings. I have probably got things done in the wrong order. Think of Felix, and then handle the rest! Whoops. Oh dear.

when mum ended up in hospital at 2am the hospital did not think there were any family all she kept going on about was her little dog, was not till 11am that they found out there was family.

We have moved her to a care home near the man family but also so she can see her dog regular.

Hi Jackie, Its good that your mum can still see her lovely dog regularly. I am sure it bucks her up a lot when she sees him/her. Animal lovers grow so close to their pets, that it is terrible wrench when you can't see them any more. Good on you for making sure she sees her lovely dog. hugs xx

I keep saying that I am going to do something similar then put it off until tomorrow.

We can't really do that can we? It always gives me the impression that I am giving in when all I am doing is refusing to look at the inevitable.

Jackie50 is right though, so thank you for heads up and the nudge towards creating an address book and a few other items I seem to have neglected.

I am a bit of an ostrich with things like that and feel that if I start to organise what will happen when I am gone it makes it all seem too close. I would not even take out an insurance policy on my life. ( I had morgage cover and private health,but none payable on death) Luckily I have only Mild COPD and Mild Bronchiectasis so with a bit of luck I wont have to think about it all for some time. I do admire people who can do all this though.

When my father had a stroke and had to go into a nursing home before he died, I had to sort out his finances. There were bags, boxes and drawers full of papers and it took me I have written down names, phone numbers, and account numbers etc of my stuff so that my daughters will have an easier job.

I have all my emergency contacts as ICE ( In Case of Emergency)

Thanks for the idea, I will start on mine asap. The other thing I need to do is a list of passwords for the computer, Windows 8 is not too bad for those who have not discovered it. there is a list of most of your passwords listed in Internet Explorer. so go to Tools at the top of the page, internet options, content, Auto Complete settings, manage passwords. It will then show you all it has stored, to see a password click show, it then asks for the master password for the computer. If you have a memory like mine it's very useful.

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Good idea.

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