Stomach and chest problems????

I've been sick for about a month now, with seemingly no answers or options.. I've been to two hospitals, several appointments, and had an upper endoscopy done about two weeks ago. At first I was just having chest pains, where it almost felt as though I was having a heart attack. That wasn't the case, however. About a week later I became extremely nauseous out of the blue, and was hugging the toilet for 36 hours. I have not thrown up a single time since I've been sick.. I get sharp pains in my abdomen, which then travels to my lower chest/upper stomach. I am afraid to eat anything because it makes me sick. I have lost almost ten pounds in about two weeks, and slowly lose more. Does anyone have ANY idea what this may be? Doctors have so far told me nothing. They don't know the answer.

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I'm no expert but it sounds very similar to what my hubby was experiencing and he had every test under the sun only for them to keep saying they cannot find anything wrong, eventually a consultant gave him amitriptyline (not sure if that is the right spelling) and he takes 10mg just before bed every day and, touch wood, it seems to have stopped all of the pain and other symptoms. Hope you get it sorted.

I was prescribed amitriptyline about 4 years ago...I have osteoporosis and arthritis and I suffer chronic bone pain quite a lot which kept me up night after night. My doctor prescribed it to help me relax and get some sleep. I only took 5mg. It did help me sleep, but I decided to only take it when I was utterly worn out from lack of sleep as I worried a bit about becoming addicted to it (it's an anti-depressant) ...I take it about once a month now....but it certainly relaxes you and hasn't done me any harm :)

I have no idea what this is, but I had a friend who had a hiatus hernia and she suffered ghastly pain all over the place, often was sick, etc....might be worth questioning about?? I do hope you feel better soon.

I am no medical expert but if I was you I would be asking for an ultrasound but It could just be a severe case of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Why don't you ring the blf nurses at the number under the red balloon? They are open again at 10am on Monday. Let us know how you get on please. x

oh amanda, that sounds awful, the main thing at least, you were not having a heart attack, but thats not helping your immediate problem,could this possibly be stomach ulcers? but i really dont know the cause of this, and can only offer my sincere thoughts at this time. i think you should "keep on" at your g.p. until this has resolved,, kindest thoughts at this time,,jimmy xxx

Perhaps Gaulstones?

Thrown by Asterix maybe?


ive had EXACTLY the same problem for a few weeks, a doctor prescribed me Omeprazole but they have done no good, if anything I feel worse now. Ill be visiting my GP tomorrow to see if i can get some action.

Sorry to hear of your stomach problems, it could be any number of things so that might be why no firm diagnosis is apparent. However I noticed one suggestion was gallstones, and felt I ought to say when I had gallbladder problems there was no sickness just extreme pain, which I have never had since major surgery for gallbladder removal. Maybe your GP could give you some anti nausea tablets, but that would mask your main symptom. You really do need further investigation as constant sickness is not normal as you know, every best wish for a speedy resolution and for you to feel better.

Dear amandalynn,

I have suffered pain, but doctors examined me inside throat and inside guts and found nothing, and nothing in stomach! I wish a doctor could pin point where this thing comes from. Louisiana and Second-life, seem to have found some answer to stop the symptom if not the cause. worth asking your doc if you could try this amitriptyline.

I had a look on (reliable), here's the link:

They say that it can be given for pain. Hope you can get something from your doctor and sort this terrible problem. Hugs, Mic

My friend has hiatus hernia and was told by the consultant that it was pressing on her lungs she also has COPD yesterday morning around 5 she woke up with the most encrusting pain which last for about an hour and after she had a nasty taste in her mouth she is going for a biopsy tomorrow

I have the same issue. I have long lungs and when I eat I get sick.i have had every test and nothing, I find if I eat very small meals5-6 times a day and drink lots of water.and take pill for gas it helps

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