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Is anyone else having problems receiving emails from members responding from this site?

For the past couple of days I have not been receiving all the responses that have been posted, into my inbox. I am receiving most of them ( I think), but there are other responses from members that I have not received. I only discover this when I return to the original question or answer, and I see that someone has responded to me, but I have received no email. Does this happen from time to time? Is it possibly something to do with the new site layout (which, by the way, I have not had an email about it yet)? Thanks for reading this. hugs xxx

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No problems as such.

Check your account details, to see if all the right boxes are ticked?

Hi Stone, I have already done that and everything is ok there. Its strange because the majority are getting through, but a few seem to have slipped through the cracks. I am now worried it is something to do with my laptop (not computer savvy), as I have posted answers and just as I get near the end, (and you know I can waffle on!) my answer is deleted by itself! Its very annoying. I had 3 attempts before I was able to submit a reply to Jimmy's joke earlier. Thanks anyway Stone. hugs xx

Write your answer temporarily in Word. Then copy it into teh website. That helps with "disappeared" writings!

don't throw the laptop either! There's nothing wrong with all this, just the website that acts in a tired fashion! :-)

as we all can be!!!

Thanks Mick,

What on earth makes you think I throw my laptop around? As if!! Thanks for your advice and I will now sympathise with the websites as they are tired. If they are anything like me then no wonder things disappear! Maybe the website needs to take multivitamins or something. It can't have a rest so the scientists and boffins will need to find a way to give it extra supplements or whatever it needs.

While I am talking to you Mick, could I ask a favour? You know all about the abbreviations list, and now we are trying to get it permanently installed on the new layout of the site. I and two others that I know of have emailed Michael the Administrator to ask that the list be a feature which everyone can see at a glance. I realise that this is not important to some people but I really believe it will benefit the site. So, if you can would you please email admin supporting this feature. The more that email admin the more impact the request will have. Thanks if you can do this for us.

I hope you are taking good care of yourself and keep in touch. hugs xx

Crafty little devil, you! Well, I've done it, I sent a private message to Uncle Michael! I hope he will do this for us.

Ha ha. Thank you again Mick, and because you have written to Uncle Michael I will let you off with calling me a crafty little devil. You should have seen the email I sent him. It was in bold font, and royal blue in colour so it would stand out a little bit. I did think about red, but thought that was a bit over the top. I gave him very detailed reasons and benefits if he could do this for us all. In the end I was nearly begging! How can you send a private message to Uncle Michael. I had to go to my email page and compose an ordinary email. Trust me to do things the hard way, but I would really really like to know how to private message admin and the moderators. Please?????? Thank you Mick. Feel free to encourage others to do the same if you want! I bet you are calling me all sorts of names now. ha ha. hugs xx

Do you think Uncle Michael will bar me from the site if he is inundated with emails?

See my private message to you,Huggs! I can show you a thing!

Hi Huggs

I have had a problem getting updated, no ally when I go to my email there is one from unlocked that dropped into email address about 6.30 ish but the last three days I have not been getting anything till nearly 10a.m and today had to log on to the British lung foundations action to even get to the idea why this is happening


Hi.....Today I have received nothing at all.....

Got to these letters by going through message/

questions button at top of yesterdays page.


Hi budgiesmom, For several hours today I received no emails in my inbox, but found them by going through my activity, posts and questions. I don't know what is going on, but I then suddenly got them all at once. Hope it gets sorted out soon. hugs xx

Hi Lynisa, Sorry, that you are having problems too. I am wondering if it is something to do with maintenance on the site. Or could it be glitches due to the new site lay out, which I have not seen yet? Hope you get your problem solved soon. I am sorry I can't help sort it out for you. hugs xx

Hi..Hugh's..yes mine are going to my spam..that's why didn't come on this site for weeks..then couldn't get back on..also everyone needs to knew to put the persons name on who were mailing

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HI louisemos, Some of mine are just not appearing anywhere. I only discover there is a response when I go back to the original question. I think most of mine are coming through and its just the odd one or two that is not. Lets hope the problems get sorted out soon. hugs xx

On top, in the green band, click on the three horizontal bars, then in your name menu, clock on "account". In contact preferences, click Edit: Untick all the squares, then click Done. Then re-open edit and make your choice of preferences again, by ticking the right cases. I was told by Admin to change my password before resetting the preferences, that's up to you. It seemed to solve this.

Sometimes, very often in fact, computer insides seem to "stick"! When I try to find a website, suddenly I get "Oops, the website you typed doesn't exists" Even though, I had been on it for quite some time only a few minutes before!

You have to stop the process, and reset it somehow! Hope that helps. don't throw the computer out of the window! :-)

hee hee hee. I haven't thrown the computer out of the window yet, as I am one floor up!! Dear me, Mick you seem to have this impression that I throw my computer around! Can't think why!

Thank you for this latest advice which I will do immediately. As you will have gathered I am not computer savvy and basically just taught myself the basics. Did I tell you that one time I was teaching myself to send links. So I found something funny on the internet and thought I would send a link to friends in Whitley Bay. To this day I do not know how I did it, but I ended up sending them all my emails!! Luckily they were home and deleted the link, but not before threatening to blackmail me and everything. Thanks again for your sound advice, and I think I have said to you before that you seem to have a lot of knowledge on computers. Did you work with them or go on a course? Love and hugs from Huggs xxx

Hi Huggs......... yours is the only email today from this site.

The norm has been a heap of first letters in early morning as a single e.mail ..... and replies follow.......but not today.

I missed out on a days mail a week or so ago.

No doubt someone has left a junior to play.


Hi budgiesmom,

This problems seems to be affecting only a few people. When I say a few, I don't know how many but it could be many for all we know. This has been going on for a few days now to me, but as I said, they did come eventually, although hours later. Now I don't trust that I am getting all my emails, and keep checking in other ways, which is a nuisance. Maybe it would be worth contacting the Moderator or someone to see if they can come up with an explanation. You know that they are in the middle of putting a new layout on the website, so maybe gremlins have crept in or something. hugs xx

Hi Huggs.....can't say contacting the moderator fills me with glee.

The little contact I have had with them in the recent past left me with feelings of ' why bother..... as they can't '...

Sad really....don't you think.

But never mind ....tomorrow is another day, and we are promised more sunshine.......and I've got a pile of ironing to do.

Today was a ...if it don't move wash it day......

So I did. !!!!


I've to mine to do tomorrow, and a big ironing! Good luck. hugs xx

Am noted for my generosity so

When you have practiced on yours .

I'll let you have a go with mine.

Would hate to keep it all to myself.


Yeah sure, why not! I don't mind a bit. Then you can practice hovering, cleaning the bathroom and clearing out the cellar. You will be fine as I will supervise you and supply you with encouragement and nibbles to give you energy. hugs xx

I would be happy to do the bathroom and hovering... but you can

forget the cellar...they tend to house ' long leggedly

beasties '

Don't know who runs faster... me or them.


I've not been in the cellar for years. There are 6 of them, one for each flat in the building. The plonker who lives downstairs told me he had found dead mice in his cellar. So I won't be going there either! Night night and lets hope your emails are sorted by tomorrow. hugs xx

Hi Huggs

Last two days not receiving my daily question update any ideas, tried editing my account still not working

Hi lynisa,

I also have edited my account. As I have said before, I think it must be something to do with the work being done on the new lay out of the site or maintenance. I have received my emails ok so far today, but if it goes on for much longer then I think we will have to contact someone. I don't know if that would be a moderator or not. Good luck hugs xx

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