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Asbestosis & Iron

Hi - Has anyone out there diagnosed with asbestosis had an issue with absorption of Iron (namely Ferritin) in their body, which I understand attacks all the main organs of the body. Thanks to my methodical ( & good) doctor, she has noticed I am absorbing high levels of iron into my body which is dangerous, so i am being referred to a specialist, but what I've found after a bit of detective work is that on post postmortems, asbestos suffers have been found to have high levels of Ferritin in their bodies.

Was just wondering if any Asbestos suffers are also suffering from high iron levels, which isn't easy to control!!

Cheers Plumbob

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I worked with Asbestos for 10/15 years 20 years ago and all I have been told is it is not eating me yet but they will keep checking as that exposure does not mean it will not rear it's ugly head.

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Only thing i read is radio waves make iron in body inert .. Might need to tell ya doc.

Asbestos fibers contain iron and thats what the die sticks to but what i read it tringers a holebody infanatry responce i.e sepsis

As you know have done loots of reading on subject of asbestos as i believe is cause of my illness

I strongly belive vitamin b5 vitamin c and b12 can be of benerfit when it comes to asbestosis and sepsis .. as grim as it is a subject most adbestos suffers will tend to die of heart problems if you lucky enough to survive heart speed wobbles then you have others BIG C to contend whitch is a form of sepsis and its the sepsis shock that kills us THATS why i belive b5 promotes good cell health and stops them going rouge .. Vitamin c helps stop bodes inflamatry respone


Thanks for replies the reason I asked is my body is producing very high & dangerous amount of iron (but nothing to do with my diet) which is attacking my main organs and I am just waiting to see a specialist, but my other half did a bit of researching and found out an article in the British medical journal where postmortems have been carried out on asbestos sufferers there is a significant amount of Ferritin in their bodies in addition another article states that the chemical changes in an asbestos suffers body shows significant iron (ferritin) levels. - Just thought it was interesting and could answer a lot of my questions ?

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