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Singing groups or Choirs

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Hi Everyone

We are looking to hear of any singing for breathing/lung condition choirs out there-so if anyone is a member of one or has heard of one tell us about it.



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Do you mean SINGING, not signing?

I would love to know if there is a choir for those with lung health problems up here in the North East (Newcastle area).



I also have tried to find one locally but no luck.

Heard one once at a BLF meeting in Solihull, West Midlands they were brilliant.

polly xx


Not a choir, but I sing regularly in acoustic music & song seshes all over the country.

If anyone wants to try, there's prob sessions near you.

If you can't find, msg me

I meant to say I've been singing a long time - but now, with some songs, I find myself running out of breath before the end of a line - quite frustrating - yet others I can still do perfectly well.

From what I've read & been told, in relation to COPD, singing's a very good exercise which can help with rehab etc

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It depends on where you live,I'm south East UK and there are a number of singing for breathing around here.

in reply to Scones

I confirm with Scones that in North East Kent, there are a couple of singing choir. The university of Kent has started a study to know the benefit of sinnging. I joined a group which is going to perform on the Slopes to the beach! The other side of the estuary is in Essex! We might be heard over there!!!

It's a very pleasant group and a good exercise, even though it's tiring.


we at the breath easy group from fleet hampshire /surrey/berks have a singing group called lungs aloud for people with respiratory problems we meet the 1st and 3rd wednesday every month at mayfield community centre farnborough hants gu148tx everyone welcombe between



I used to live in Farnborough many years ago - bit far for me now though - I'm Yorkshire lass. Worked at Solertron and my ex worked at the Royal Aircraft Establishment - small world. Keep singing. cx


Sing for breath, Worcester led by Hilary Davies (my sis in law!)


Wales, land of song ........ & I can't find a local choir suitable for us with lung problems.

Msg me if anyone knows of one in the Chepstow/Monmouth/Abergavenny area


A choir has been formed at the Oldham Breath Easy Group which is has over 20 members and is called The Jolley wheezers and have performed at some venues at the invitation of the NHS and others.

Although they have a teaching coach they don't consider themselves good singers but value the companionship and fun they get from being members. Non members are welcome to join. Joyce

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