Not well again

As many of you will know from previous posting ive gone back to work short hours two days week but over last three weeks the coughing returned and steadily got worse. Not infection type but horrible wet cough morn noon and night . Been to gp twice and gave me codine cough med but that just made me cough more during day as not during night due to being knocked out!! Long story short wont give me anything as got to see consultant nxt week so he can decide treatment. My gp thinks i have asthma (which until seeing new consultant id been treated as asthmatic for 20 yrs) shes a fab gp but like me bit helpless. In past id just take week steroids and up all my inhalers for week and be ok but no inhalers except atrovent and ventilin . Plus he wants see me as i am. Thing is after nearly three weeks im exahausted and feel awful. My chest is so tight its burning and you can hear my wheeze singing across the room. Even my horse looks at me when coughing as if im mad. After being ill for six months now this im totally lost . My peak flows around 250-300 mid day dropping down to 250-200 night. I dont know how much more i can take x judith

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  • don't no if this is of help tigershayxxx

  • Thankyou i will have a look x

  • hope its ok, xxx sorry yer not well, its a vicious circle tigershay, for all of us,

  • Awe I am so sorry to hear you are struggling so much. I hope your appointment is the beginning of the week rather than the end and I hope con can find a treatment plan that will help you to feel an improvement soon.

    Hugs cx

  • Oh im hoing tomorrow i cant do another week waiting for consultant i can hardly speak and the coughings gone mad think 3 weeks enough is enough xx thank you xxx

  • Good luck. You deserve some.

  • Thanks think i will need it to get sorted xx

  • sounds like asthma to me Tiger. Are you using the Ventolin?

  • I am lots it helps for bit then starts again .....i think it is so does gpbut he didnt think so see what happens tomorrow thank you xxxc

  • Glad you're going to see your consultant. Hope your health improves very soon. Take care of yourself. If possible take some days off again. No use being so ill at work.

  • Thank you ive got office duties so will just cough in there haha x

  • Have y ou used ventolin 10 times at a go when you ar really bad? That's something that really helped me with my last infection and when I could not stop coughing...just learned to do that at the PR cliinic. My peak flow is always below 200 so youa re doing really well! Good luck with the consultant.

  • Thanks my peakflows always good at 450 due to fitness training its only this last yr been down due to infections xx

  • So sorry to hear of your hope you get it sorted soon,it must be so tiring for you.Have you tried having the nebuliser,don't know if that would help you?

    Good luck with the specialist,do hope he has some answers for you.Love Wendells xxx

  • Aww thanks not got one no but will mention it xxx

  • You sound exhausted, hope you get some relief treatment when you see the consultant.

  • I am totally shattered . Thanks for your reply xxx

  • I am sorry you are so unwell..I can sympathise as I got so fed up with the loud wheeze and cough that I went to my drop in clinic three times in one week. In the end I was prescribed a longer decreasing dose of prednisolone instead of just five days. So far it has been successful..i am just hoping it will continue. I have managed without any bronchodilators, which is very good as I have difficulties with some. Best of luck.

  • Cant take anything other than inhalers as he wants to see me when im bad so have to just get on for now xx

  • Hi Tigershay. So sorry to hear you're unwell again. I think I lasted a little longer than you at 5 weeks! It wasn't the kids who got me. We did a hygiene lesson and my head made sure there was antibacterial gel and tissues on every desk. She gave them a little chat about how important it is to use it etc. the kids were great but it was my hubby that got me! He got a cold, I got sinusitis,tonsillitis and now I've just started my rescue meds as it feels like it's all heading

    south! If you don't have rescue meds I think it's something you should be asking for. Great to hear you're losing weight, us it through exercise? That's one thing I've been doing a lot of but I'm putting on weight! Think that might be because hubby's become a bit of a domestic god and keeps baking lovely lovely cakes which I can't resist! Get better soon xx

  • Oh bless you hope you feel better soon. Ive joined slimming world to get me focused its fab xxx

  • Morning ! Slimming Wiorld-my hairdresser lost 3 stones with SW so good luck and keep up the good work! Xx

  • Good Morning back! Yes a few of my friends have lost 3stone on it. I lose a few pound put a pound back on haha i need to shift the stone gained when ill. Im riding more so hopefully start getting fitter. Just this wheezy chest getting in way but hopefully consultant can prescribe something to help xxxx . How are you doing ? Xxx

  • I'm doing ok now. Rescue meds sorted me out. Back to school tomorrow. I've also put on just over a stone since getting ill-it's rubbish isn't it? When are you seeing consultant? Good you're back riding. I think doing your familiar routines restores some sense of normality and that in turn helps recovery because you're not going insane worrying about the illness or with boredom. Take care xx

  • Oh thats good. I know this isnt an infection as ive no pain ( i know when its infec as pain in left lung is bad and i feel yuk) its cough but wheeze and rattle chest . Im going nxt tues as hes on holiday this week plus all times ive seen him ive been on meds so hes not seen me without anything hencewhy gp wouldnt let me take steroids or hive me anything. Ive lost 2 pound this week must be the riding .xxxx

  • Im so sorry you not feeling well I find the best thing when I'm coughing is simple linctus I always keep a few bottles in hope you feel well soon.x

  • Thanks yes dr gave me codene linctus but all it did was make me cough more next day so had to stop xxx

  • Thank you everyone for taking time to give me support and advice i really appreciate it xxx

  • So sorry Tigershay1 that you are feeling so poorly, there's nothing worse than a cough that wont go away, I find 'zubes' reach the spot for me, hope you get some help soon! huff xxxxx

  • Thanks huff its the gunk on chest so dont think theyd help as its got to come up but might as well try them ive got an appointment to see consultant in a week when hes back from his holiday xx

  • Ive another inhaler to try along with ventilin and gp ringing mon to get appointment with consultant next tues as hes on holiday next week. Im coughing but cant get much coughed up so chests rattling away much worse at night anc morning . Thanks for all your kind words and advice xxx

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