Breathless but what's the cause?

Hi everyone, not been on for a while, suffering with my rheumatoid arthritis at the moment. I have asthma and sarcoidosis in both lungs and slight showing of emphysema. All these seem to be stable at the moment, but I am getting very breathless even when walking from one room to another. I am in pain from Rheumatoid arthritis at present. Was wondering what else could cause the breathlessness. I am on a lot of meds for other conditions too.

Any suggestion appreciated. I will make an appointment with GP for next week.


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You need to see your doctor, but heart problems can make you very breathless. it's just a thought.

Hi Louisiana, I will make an appointment to see my GP next week and see what he has to say. Thanks for your thoughts on this.


Hi Titchy,

I have RA too. I also have a lung disease called Bronchiectasis which is quite common in people with RA. When you go for your appointment, I should ask for a referral to a respiratory consultant. They should do lung function tests and send you for a CT scan to get a clear picture of what is going on in your lungs. Sounds scary, but it it isn't really. Good luck.

Hi poemsgalore1, thanks for your thoughts on this, about 7 years ago I had a very bad cough and the consultant thought it may be bronchiectasis, but after tests he said it was asthma. I take symbicot and ventolin and after the diagnosis of sarcoidosis about 3 years ago I have been on steroids. I had a lung function test about 2 weeks ago and I am now waiting for an appointment with my consultant or registrar as it has been the last few times.

I will make an appointment to see GP next week and see what he has to say,but usually he just refers me back to my consultant and does nothing.


GP's do not really understand sarcoidosis and many of them will not have come across anyone with it. My husband has had it for over 20 years and is often breathless. It could be because of the pain caused by your RA. Pete has a herniated disc and is in chronic pain and I have noticed that his breathing has gone down somewhat. Just see what your doctor has to say and I do wish you well. Take care. xxxx

Thank you sassy59 for your comments on this. I am in a lot of pain in my hands, lower back, hips, knees and feet due to the RA and I am unable to take strong pain meds, only paracetamol 8 per day. I know there is only one other patient at my surgery who has sarcoidosis, so I think you are right GPs don't know enough about it. Will see him next week and see what happens.


Take care and hope all goes well for you. xx

Thank you.


Hi I have stage 4 sarciod and because of the damage the infections have done to my lungs I'm now very breathless . On good days only when I move. My Sarc has not been active for years but because of the disease when it was active and with yearly,monthly infections my lungs are very damaged. When you see the consultant you need to find out where you are with the disease, what stage are you , are you in remission , etc. good luck

Thank you Dawnyd, I will ask next time I see him. The only thing I was told in my last appointment is that there was no change.


Well said Dawnyd and good luck to you. xx

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