Re-Oxygen Assessment

Afternoon everyone

Some of you might have seen my post on my PR course and my impending OA. So it was yesterday, finally I would find out what was what.

Quick update put on oxygen for exercise only at first PR Dec 2012, did really well then June last had Pneumonia admitted to hospital then H@H and put on 1/2 lt 16 hrs and oxygen when mobile. Struggled to shake infection but consultant gave me Azithromycin in Dec and have been infection free ( she says as she crosses everything) since. So doing my OA has always been delayed.

So I was asked to sit for 1/2 hr on air with Oximeter on finger, nurse was impressed it was 95 then went down to 94 where it stayed. She said they were looking for it to be above 92 for me not to have to have the amount increased, as it was she was thinking I could maybe not have it every night. Just to confirm she would do the ABG, so what happens the machine stopped working, and as they had come to my home there was nothing we could do.

So now I've another appointment in July.


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  • How frustrrrrrating!!!

  • im sorry kimmy it didn't go as planned, life sucks at times ,never goes right when we want it to,anyway good luck in july,xxx

  • Grrrrrrrrrrr

  • Fills you full of confidence........ NOT!

  • Oh dear do feel for you! xxx

  • I would think it was good you don't need it ,for as long as you can go without the better.

  • I am holding on to the fact that the nurse said judging by SATS on air she thought I could reduce having the concentrator, to maybe every other night.

    Kim xx

  • Seems we go to appointments where everybody is down with flu ,cough, or colds and we sit there waiting for our appointed time to come while people who are feeling poorly and sneezing at us ....You would think it would be a place to stay away from LoL I always try to dodge seeing or going to GPs

  • In fairness to my Respiratory nurses they did come to my house. xxx

  • So do I ,places of germs,so are hospitals.

  • See your point Offcut :)

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