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How many 'Huffs' a day??


After recent first visit to Pulmonary Nurse at GPs she gave me a booklet a Self Managment Plan from the British Lung Foundation, it mentions on page 14 paragraph 3 Huffing which helps to move sputum up the airways so it can be cleared, l have found this quite useful but wonder if l should be doing it more often , at present two huffs twice a day.

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I heard about this at the Rehab clinic and I do it whenever I feel I have to one told me the number of times to do it, so I assume you can do it any time you want to. It definitely helps me bring up the sputum without coughing so much.

helingmic in reply to Louisiana

As Louisiana said, you can do it as you feel you have mucus to cough up. here's a video of the full Active Cycle of Breathing Technique (ACBT) which is advised to all who have lung problems and what to get rid of mucus, a very necessary thing to do.

The huff/cough is the most useful thing I learned in the past few years...after decades of trying to cough up stuff offr my lung ( I have had brocheictasis since a baby) I luckily was taught this technique, and its fantastic for getting mucus up off the lungs

I do it as often as I can during the day, but definitely every morning. I go through the whole Active cycle of breathing exercise, but then afterwards do as many 'huffs' as needed to clear anything that I haven't managed to get up . I work on the premise that its better to do it too often than not enough

sue930 in reply to Sohara

Many Thanks, it has helped but it looks like if l do it more often l may feel even more benefit.

jeanielee in reply to Sohara

Who teaches how to huff?

jimmyw123 in reply to jeanielee

a resp. physio jeanielee,, good luck ,,jimmy x

When I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis I was referred for chest physio and received very helpful advice on active cycle of breathing techniques including huffing. The physio said I should do this lying down on my side, three repeats on each side in the morning, plus when I felt I needed to to clear lungs at other times. The physio was very helpful - I found it difficult to do the techniques right without being shown. Not seen much on here about chest physio so not sure if it is offered in all areas.


you have had some great advice from other members. I have had bronchiectasis for 61 years and I would say do it as often as you like, especially if you feel that there is stuff blocking your lungs. Well done you for paying such attention to your daily self care

Hi Everyone who answered this query, there is a much simpler way of clearing the lungs than lying on your side, well I think so anyway. This is it: sitting up, breathe into your diaphragm 3 times (called controlled breathing); take two deep breaths; do 3 more controlled breaths;

do a short huff without bringing anything up; 3 more controlled breaths; do a long, deep huff to move 'stuff' further up; 3 more controlled breaths; give a good cough and hey presto! Hope this works for you. Good luck. Take care, Lizzy.

do as many "huffs" as you feel, needed, i do this on many occasions , i do as the previous poster does [skinnylizie59] controlled breathing and" huffs", i do this sitting forward, as i cant lye on my back, or my side, but i find this works just as good sitting up, hellingmic has suggested a good "you tube" on "ACBT" def. worth looking at, all the very best,, jimmy

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