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Having a DO DE of a day

Well i dont know whats going on with my condition.

Well i had RANK INFECTION that as decided to give me stomach abdoman pain discomfort.

Well back at doc tomoz as iam having a DO DE of a time .. following previous xrays my docs said its my emphsema .. Which i find laughable as av only got mild according to my doc's

When i look on internet stomach abdomen discomfort is final stage of COPD ..

A don't know how true it is but is horrid even eating is a pain surpose thats why those with emphysema lose waight .. but am still eating as am determing am not guna lose waight

Have read quite a lot .. and a surpose i might be at lung reduction surgary stage .. worse case sernario as my lung doc as said even that is to dangerous optian and he would not be doing it ... best case is its just infection and really do hope it is

Like how can stomach abdomen pain go when you take antibiotics and whats that to do with lung diease.

A just hope its not adbestos related coz al defo notbe happy with lies i have been told by those in GPs surgary and my Lung Doc

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well on my bit of good news today, im sad to read of your condition,i really think you should go the full hog and thrash all your concerns out with your doctor and be firm ,its our lifes at the end of the day,wishing you all the best,xxx


Hi cheers yer am going to see doc .. tried taking part in gsc lung study and was told my infection rate is tad to high .. Even got refused by them as always on antibiotics and might be to ill to take part

... theres me thinking a was ok really PERHASP a

need to look in the mirror more or stop lisenering to atos or dwp


Hi squady cheers thanks for surport defo know how you have been feeling ... just hope it is germs but given my history with asbestos might not be.

Anyway av done moping about so not guna dwell on stuff have life to live .. and guna drag this cutse of lung diease round with me weather it likes it or not :)

If you are gooey and moving gunk some of that could be getting in your gut?

As you know I found I worked with asbestos for 10 years and I am having the same disinterest on whether it is part of my condition of RLD. Yet back in 2008 when in ICU they kept asking if I had been working with asbestos and I wrongly told them no It was a safe alternative! My consultant at the time was a great man that explained everything and did not beat about the bush. I am seeing a consultant today to find out a little more I hope but will bring up the asbestos again.

Be Well

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Hi offcuts yer a right DO DE of a time am having .. yer you defo need to chase up asbestos thing when u see them .. n hope all go's well for ya.

Anyway went docs and told here same as done here ANYWAY she said hope on bed :O a said yumi but was only joking ... told doc there guna be none of this finger up the ass business anyway she said am guna look at your guts and she did near pushed me into next week.

But long and short of it is she recons its not my lungs or emphysema causing but it could be affecting my lungs.

Anyway she give me a pot and told me to fill it and booked me in for ultra sound exam

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Bad enough the infections without the stomach pain. Strong antibiotics can really affect your stomach - my husband always has problems on antibiotics. It maybe all the antibiotics have killed the good bacteria in your gut - might be an idea to start to take a supplement of probiotics; or a good pot of live yoghurt. Hope you get some answers from your doc. Take care, TAD xx

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Hi tadaw cheers yer am hoping its just antibiotics .. will try that cheers

I have taken Probiotics since my stay in ICU in 2008 it has helped me.

Hi Daz, I really hope you get some answers and not lies this time. Good luck to you at the doctors and you have had some great comments from others on here. Let us know how it al goes and wishing you better days ahead. Take care. xxxxx

Hi sassy59 cheers yer be sure to

Hi Daz sorry your not feeling 100% I'm not sure I would believe everything I read on the net I tend to use the NHS web site hope your on top form soon

Hi onamission cheers yer a dont read as much know on internet cheers .. but defo need to edit my post spelling gramer must be striods and fat fingers

I had crippling stomach pains last year ....... GP gave me all sorts of test & meds & nothing touched it. I was thinking all sorts of scenarios .... cancer, ulsers, emphysema related, etc. I've always been really good at taking decent live yoghurt & probiotic nutritional supplement after a course of anti-biotics.

Anyway, in desperation my GP eventually sent me along the corridor to see her collegue who is a bit of an alternative therapy witch doctor type. He prescribed me some Mintec capsules ..... they're basically 0.2ml peppermint oil capsules ........ brilliant - within 4 days I was sorted.

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Just a quicky message Daz, sorry your not so good hope you feel a little better soon.

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