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Hiya guy's, hope you're all doing ok? Just a quick one today. Had a really bad coughing fit last night,found myself waking up going into a

panic attack and leg convulsions/spasms(caused by lack of oxygen to the brain)it can get kinda scary because you have no control over it or how long it lasts for.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this????

On a lighter note, a week today I get to collect( karens and my 15yr old daughter Chloe's)new motability car,Chloe's new taxi! It's been decided that as I am the only one who can drive(a car,not karen to distraction ladies lol)and I also get the D.L.A,and Karen is having lessons, that I shall be the designated driver/chaufer.Ive also been told that this is a fair deal(by karen and chloe)as I get the privelidge of driving their new car! Any comments on the 1st part of my post all welcome to reply, gentleman the 2nd part I give the floor over to you, lol. You all take care and breathe easy Aidi x :-)

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Hi Aidi. I have had the leg thing a couple of times, but not with a panic attack. Had that once - woke up thinking I had drowned, was sure my heart had stopped, gasping for air, needed to kick start everything etc. Is that what yours was?

When my leg starts moving like that (and it is a proper movement rather than a twitch) I just relax and let it finish. I have never associated it with oxygen shortage, just thought it was one of those things! It only happens at night though.It will be interesting to see what others have experienced.

And reference to the second part of your post, I think the women in your life have made you a very generous offer ;-)


My husband with very severe COPD frequently has leg spasms and none of the doctors or nurses he's mentioned them to has ever said they are in any way related to lack of oxygen. And trust me, he's asked EVERY doctor or nurse he's seen about them as he's puzzled why they happen. Mostly the answer is a shoulder shrug :-) They are just "one of those things."


I have sleep apnea attacks were I wake gasping for air. The only thing that has given me twitchy legs has been to much ventolin.

They know how we work don't they ;)


How is your BMI? do you have and use a CPAP or BIPAP machine?


I am overweight and losing it slowly. I saw the specialist today who is putting me in for another test as the last was a failure, because I had a full lung test at hospital in the box and plus lying flat plus trips to the x ray department and a blood test. I was so knackered I fell asleep on the settee until 03:45 so by the time I put my wrist strap on and set it I could not sleep! and then it was only for an hour.

I have RLD with a heart condition or 2 to make my breathing rhythm go a bit spooky. I am going to have another visit to PR to see if they can help?


maybe you can shed some light for me. I awake every 15 to 90 min.seems at the 80 min mark it is after a dream which is instantly forgotten. I never had a stroke nor heart problem but I have had bypass surgery. I use a bipap machine with oxygen extracted at night. I don't need oxygen during the day but my readings range fro 94 to 98. I broke a lap band but that got me down by 50LBS still way 240 and my goal is 200 but midnight snacks is my undoing. What can I do to sleep for 3 hours or more at one time?


It seems a lot of my problems with the sleep is from my Paralysed Diaphragm. I will drop a further 12.2% lung function when I am flat.

Do you know what your O2 readings are when flat? This is by no means a knowledgeable medical question but one I would ask "Is the Bipap taking too much out?"

Sleep is a weird thing we need to do but we all do it so differently. From what I have grasped it is not always the length of time we sleep for it is the magic deep sleep that is the thing that refreshes us. If I get 3 hours of deep sleep I am better for a few days I just do not get that without a sleeping pill which I do not like taking as they can become very addictive. Good luck with the diet maybe those treats need not be bought in the first place. Do not look at losing huge quick fix amounts that most of the time will come back. I am losing 1kg a month and it is staying off.


Hi Aidi yes I do get that horrible cramping at times,in the legs,& have to shoot out of bed hopping around like a kangaroo,lol! Not pleasant though.I have always put it down to having pheripheal neuropathy (non diabetic) of the feet.But maybe nothing to do with it.I have Copd as well,so maybe it's the oxygen part,or lack of,at night time.i see the specialist in another week or so,so will ask him,& see what he says.

As for the car,how wonderful,I'm sure you will be a very good limo driver!Chloe must be so excited,good luck to Karen to with the driving lessons.Love Wendells xxx


How much coughing is pollen / allergy related.


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