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My breath smells like smoke,but i don't smoke

Hi all i have an issue with my breath. About three weeks ago i noticed my pillows and sheets near my pillows smelt of smoke. It has been constant since. Last night my partner said my breath smelt of smoke, not cigarettes but smoke.

I don't smoke anyway. I currently have been having slowly worsening breathing. I have had this since January.

My Doctor doesn't seam concerned about the breathing, i have not mentioned the smoke thing. Blood sats 98 -99.

Can anybody help


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how strange ! have you been breathing in any kind of smoke or other pollution ?


Not as far as i am aware. I work in dusty conditions with a mask. I am having increasing trouble with my breathing. Doc thinks its hyperventilating. But i think not.


if hyperventilating ask doc or BLF about breathing into a paper bag ... not sure why it helps but it does help me .... check the term 'hyperventilation' is correct though.


Hi Julie, i have had hvs a few times before. Usually drags me down for 6 weeks then takes 6 weeks to get back to a level. This time its not the same. Doc just thinks its the same old problem. They don't seam interested. Blf says ask doc to review my meds and ask for a chest xray. To soft to ask

Many thanks


Ask yourself ... 'what one thing can I do tomorrow that my future self will thank me for?' :) xx


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