New to Copd trying to help myself

Hello folks just wanted to introduce myself while I'm looking around for tips. Diagnosed moderate COPD ( chest X-ray followed by CT end April) I'm on my 4th lot of antibiotics since February, just seem to be getting one chest infection after the other, being treated with inhalers and Carbocisteine ( already take pred for Lupus) I'm still getting around but at snail pace, re-hab not until July. Anyone got any tips for increasing stamina?.PS quit the cigs April... Thanks x

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  • Hello and welcome.

    Well done for quitting the cigs, that will take a while to make a difference. It'll take a while to get better if your able I would just rest, drink plenty of water and juice, I tend to eat little and often. A few breathing exercises might help.

    Good luck.

    Kim xxx

  • Hi Isme

    Welcome to the forum.

    I was very fortunate in that the benefits of quitting smoking were were almost immediate .The chronic nasty cough and chest infections which I had had fo 2./3 years disappeared within days.

    However for many/most people it can take many weeks or even months for the lungs to clear . After all most of us spent years filling them with rubbish.

    You have done the best possible thing in quitting. Apparently this will halt/slow down the progression of the disease. Exercise and a healthy diet are also important. My doctor says that the fact that I am reasonably fit is now helping to compensate for my poor lung function. I'm no Olympic athlete but enjoy walking, gardening and recently started pilates.(I am 63 and female.)

    Main thing is to keep off the ciggies . Hope you start to feel better soon.

    Cheers Coastal .

  • Thank you for the replies Kimmy59 ans Costal1- I'm definatley staying off the cigs ( scared the living day lights out of me when the consultant put my lungs up on the screen and showed me the Emphysema) As soon as I've kicked this chest infection i'm going to get walking.

    Thanks :) x

  • Try to pace yourself but if you get a chest infection then it,s complete rest boring but a must... Get well soon..

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